Devotion Twins Dress

Devotion Twins – The Perfect Combination of Icons and Surprises

A Devotion Twins dress is a feminine and chic choice if you are looking for a feminine and elegant dress. This Greek brand is a delight with its perfect mix of icons and unexpected details. Devotion Twins was founded by Athina Parnasa. It started with a few jacquard pieces and has since grown to be an international fashion label. Learn more about the inspiration behind Devotion Twins and discover why it is so popular.

Made in Greece, each Devotion Twins dress is crafted from quality Greek cotton. Each piece is cut in Athens and hand-dyed. Each dress requires approximately four metres of fabric to create. Handwork is required for the dress’s embroidered design and embroidered details. To ensure freshness, all fabrics are sprayed with a unique scent. After making a Devotion Twins dress, you can wash it on 30 degrees and enjoy its softness and longevity.

DEVOTION TWINS was founded in 2013 and is a fashion brand with social responsibility. The company creates unique designs using folklore techniques and helps to revive the Greek textile industry. The clothing’s designs blend traditional textile methods and Greek culture with modern technology. The clothes are made from high quality materials and last a lifetime. Its founders believe that quality and consistency are key to success. They are dedicated to giving women a voice and providing a unique style.

The brand has recently expanded its horizons by expanding into the home. In 2020, the DevotionHome project will be launched. This project shares the same vision and philosophy as the original brand. The brand offers a variety of stylish, affordable, and eco-friendly items for your home. There are many styles to choose from so you can find the perfect piece for your next event. A Devotion dress is a must-have for any event.

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