Did You Fake Your Pregnancies Steve Wilkos

Did You Fake Your Pregnancies on The Tonight Show?

The show’s guests have a wide variety of backgrounds. Some are victims of child abuse, others have been drug addicts. And a recent episode featured an HIV-positive guest, James. In an episode titled “The Kiss of Death,” James admitted to spreading HIV to other men, which led him to test positive. James didn’t show any regrets about his past. He even claimed that he believed he would go to heaven and would be able to get anyone in the studio audience to sleep with him.

But the case was far more complicated than that. Wilkos’ girlfriend, Shamika Rudd, failed a lie detector test, and her stepfather and grandmother passed a test. The investigation also revealed that Relisha’s mother, Shamika, did not take the test. Wilkos determined that the mother of the child was involved in the disappearance despite these discrepancies. As of January 2021, authorities are still searching for the baby.

Wilkos’ lie detector test often ends in the “bad” party falling apart. In this episode, he acted more dramatic than usual. Earlier in the episode, he was accused of forwarding child pornography and using his daughter for sexual images. He stated that he had considered not taking his daughter to an obviously sexual photo shoot but was asked if it would have been worth it.

The show has a history of revealing information about people convicted of crimes. There have been episodes about infidelity and paternity tests. There have been episodes featuring guests who were convicted. But despite its reputation, it is still controversial.

Wilkos is a master at breaking down people. He is a former Marine and police officer with extensive experience and is able to get people to talk. As a result, he can typically pick out the worst liars before they reveal their secret.

Another episode featured a mother who discovered that her husband had molested their daughter. The mother fought back by holding the abuser down on the floor, holding him back while pulling him off her daughter. The lie detector test was passed by the mother, but the woman died shortly after.

One episode featured a guest who tried using his chair as a weapon. Wilkos and his security staff quickly stopped the guest who tried to use it against her boyfriend Joe. The guest, Kayla, even tried to smash her chair on him, but Wilkos responded with a big, “NO!” and dropped it.

Pennington, a former Miss America, was caught in a similar situation. Her boyfriend, though she may not have been actually committing a crime in the first place, did. Steve Wilkos, the alleged father of her children, told her she would never see her children again if she was caught.

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