Disney Dog Toys

Disney Dog Toys

Disney dog toys are a wonderful way to entertain and exercise your pooch. These toys are made from soft fabric and include a squeaker for extra fun! Whether you prefer to play fetch or throw them around, your pup is sure to enjoy them! There are two kinds of Disney dog toys.

One is the Pumba hide and seek toy, a plush toy with plush bugs and grubs inside. Each bug comes with a squeaker and some have crinkly wings. While this toy is a fun way to entertain your pup, it’s not recommended for larger dogs because of the risk of tearing it apart.

Similar toys are available in many sizes and colors. A Minnie mouse version is ten inches by 10.5 inches and comes with multiple squeakers. Another is the Goofy version, which features the lovable Donald Duck. This one is very popular and sells out fast!

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