Double Door Wreaths

Double Door Wreaths

Double door wreaths are an excellent way to decorate the door on both sides of a home. They are made to fit two doors, and are usually larger than the average wreath. These unique decorations are great for redecorating or simply for giving your home an extra festive feel. Split wreaths are another great option for wider doorways.

They look beautiful when centered across both doors, and are easy to create. Cut out the shapes and place them on the doors. A large wreath centered across both French doors is especially stunning. The split wreath is an easy way to get a dramatic look without a lot of effort. However, locating the right one can be tricky. Most of these decorations are made during the holiday season, and are difficult to find outside the holiday season. If you’re unable to find a suitable split wreath, you can always make your own.

Another option is to buy two separate decorations and hang them together with matching door hangers. While this may look more elegant, it can get very expensive. However, this option can be less expensive. However, if you’re decorating a large entryway, you may want to opt for a bolder look.

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