Double Boat is a geometric shape that is both a boat and a blintzed square. It was first published in El Mundo de Papel, G Miranda’s 1939 book in Valladolid, and again in Paper Magic by Robert Harbin, published by Oldbourne in London in 1956. Its name reflects the fact that it is a catamaran and has two hulls.

The Double Boat Model Kit is a detailed replica of a double boat in a scale of 1:72. It is based on photographs, drawings and other historical documents, and comes with laser-cut wooden parts for easy assembly. It is designed to resemble a double boat from the 1730s, so it looks just as real as the real thing. This model kit was carefully crafted with the highest level of attention to detail.

There are several illustrations of the Double Boat in the literature. One of these is a monozukushi-e print by an unknown artist. The print is dated 1912, but it has not been proven for certain. The other illustrations are by Takei Takeo, who created an illustration for a 1927 issue of a children’s magazine. The illustrations are also in Isao Honda’s 1931 book, Origami (Part I).

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