dr ed young net worth

Reverend Ed Young Net Worth

Pastor Ed Young is an influential evangelist, best-selling author on Amazon and New York Times and founding and senior pastor of Fellowship Church – an evangelical Christian megachurch with an international ministry.

He attended Florida State University on a basketball scholarship before enrolling at Houston Baptist University and Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth, Texas for further studies.

Early Life and Education

He is an author, international speaker and pastor serving Fellowship Church of Grapevine Texas as its founding and senior pastor as well as leading C3 Conference, C3 Global and Ed Young Television as its leader and executive producer respectively. Additionally he is both Amazon and New York Times Best Selling author.

Attending Florida State University on a basketball scholarship, then Houston Baptist University to earn his undergraduate degree and later Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth for his master’s.

Young is married to Lisa, with whom he shares four children: LeeBeth, EJ, Landra and Laurie (one who passed away). Young currently resides on a 141-acre property near Grapevine in Texas while his church maintains multiple campuses nationwide.

Professional Career

Ed Young is best-known for his religious leadership work as the founding and senior pastor of Fellowship Church. Additionally, he is an award-winning author (New York Times and Amazon best seller), has an international ministry that includes Ed Young Television, C3 Global and Fellowship Live services.

Attending Florida State University for his undergraduate studies before later enrolling at Houston Baptist University and graduating from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth, Texas.

Early in his career, he served in various capacities within the healthcare industry, such as diagnostic sales, radiology, group purchasing and administration. Additionally, he owned and operated Imaging Resource Centers; providing mobile bone density services and serving as one of the major players within this market.

Achievement and Honors

Young is the founder and senior pastor of Fellowship Church in Houston, Texas, as well as a New York Times bestselling author and host of Ed Young Television on E!. Additionally, he serves on the boards of Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary and Houston Baptist University as a trustee.

He is well-known for his staunch anti-abortion stance and for denouncing those who fail to pay tithing; yet has been accused of hypocrisy over his lavish lifestyle.

He is the father of four children: LeeBeth Young Hughes, Landra Young Kelly, Laurie Young Kelly and EJ Young. Together with Lisa Young he founded Free Earth Humanitarian Organization which assists families in need. Additionally he is well known as an inspirational speaker as well as having served as president of the Southern Baptist Convention.

Personal Life

Homer Edwin Young is an esteemed Religious Leader who has made himself rich through hard work. Known for his charismatic preaching style and frequent speaking engagements relating to church growth, leadership principles and moral issues he also runs an expansive broadcast ministry that covers North America as well as other parts of the globe.

At an early age he accepted Christ and attended University of Alabama on a basketball scholarship, leaving after one year to follow His calling into ministry. Later he studied at Mississippi College and Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary before founding Fellowship Church with wife Lisa in Laurel Mississippi with four children under their roof and writing New York Times best sellers such as In the Zone and The Creative Marriage.

Net Worth

Ed Young is a renowned religious leader with numerous sources of income. His main source is pastoring services and hosting events, though his income comes mainly from hosting such activities and writing several best-selling books on New York Times best-seller lists. Furthermore, Ed is both founder and senior pastor at Fellowship Church.

Edwin Barry Young has done much good in the world. After earning both bachelor’s and master’s degrees, he founded Fellowship Church back in 1990 in a rented office space; since then it has expanded into aid work, international ministry work, in-prison campuses to offer support services, as well as providing aid work worldwide.

He and Lisa have four children together: LeeBeth, Landra, EJ and Laurie.

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