Dr Gregory Lunceford New Girlfriend

Dr Gregory Lunaceford’s New Girlfriend

Whether you’re a fan of Dr Gregory Lunaceford or not, you have to admit that the latest news on his new girlfriend, Quadriyyah Monique Webb, is pretty exciting. They met in 2007 and started dating shortly after. They had a long-lasting relationship that lasted for several years, but they split up last year.

Quadriyyah Monique Webb

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Her zodiac sign is Goat

Apparently, Dr. Gregory Lunceford’s new girlfriend’s zodiac sign is the Goat. This is a very good thing, as the Goat is known for its many benefits. Specifically, the Goat is a reliable sign that can help with matters of the heart. As a matter of fact, Dr. Lunceford’s and his wife have had a rocky relationship for some time now. The most recent straw was his infidelity. He cheated on his wife with a friend and had a tumultuous six year marriage. But that’s not the only time Dr. Lunceford has had a string of mishaps. He has also been accused of being an alcoholic.

If Dr. Lunceford is able to put this snafu behind him, he may have a sexting partner for life. In the meantime, he’s been using his social media contacts to keep tabs on his new beau. In fact, he’s recently updated his social media profiles to show off his newest lady.

Their relationship lasted for several years

Psychiatrist and actor Gregory Lunceford is celebrating his birthday today. On April 21, 1967, he was born. He is also a doctor who practices in Atlanta. He also appears on Married to Medicine. He has been practicing for over twenty years. He has a net worth of $1 million. He is also married to Quad Webb.

He has a close friend and a friend of his ex-wife, Dr. Jackie Walters. He has been married to Quad Webb for six years. But things didn’t go well between them. They had a messy divorce. He and Quad have been accused of infidelity in their relationship.

Gregory and Quad had children together. But Quad wanted to have a more independent lifestyle from her husband. She didn’t want children. Ultimately, the couple separated in April of 2019. Despite the split, Quad and Dr. G still maintain a close friendship with other members of the Married to Medicine cast.

After the split, Quad has been dating individuals. She is interested in New York Governor Andrew Cuomo. She is also looking for a new home. She is also writing about reality TV for All About the Tea. She loves writing about things that interest her. She loves the outdoors.

Their split

During the sixth season of Married To Medicine, Quad Webb and her psychiatrist husband Gregory Lunceford divorced. The couple reportedly decided to divorce after six years of marriage. But despite their breakup, Quad Webb and her former spouse continue to maintain a friendship with the ladies of Married To Medicine. And they both continue to date.

Despite the fact that the pair was recently divorced, Quad Webb and Dr. Gregory Lunceford continue to keep their relationship secretive. This is because they are both reportedly dating other people, and they do not want to bring any drama into the show. They have also decided to keep their identity secret for now.

According to sources, Quad Webb was unhappy with her marriage, and wanted to be single again. She cited abuse and cruelty from her husband in court documents. And in addition to that, she alleged that he cheated on her.

According to the documents, he accompanied a woman to a hotel room with a friend, which is considered an adulterous act. This is why he and Quad divorced.

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