Drakes Bbl

Is Drake Liposuction?

Whether or not you’re a fan of Drake’s music, you can’t deny his sexy physique. The rapper recently posted an Instagram picture of himself shirtless and the internet was quick to comment. The rapper has an impressive set of abs and biceps and a low body fat percentage. Even though he had knee surgery for a torn ACL last October, he’s continued to work out at the gym. Drake’s recent appearance in the gym has been the subject of controversy, with some thinking that he had liposuction done to the abdominal muscles.

After Drake posted the video, some haters accused him of plastic surgery. They posted comments on Drake’s Instagram with emojis that indicated they were crying, laughing, and asking for the name of the plastic surgeon who performed the procedure. But in response, fans of the rapper’s sexy figure criticized the comments as “cruel” and called them “clowns”.

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