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Jack DeJohnette

The drum jack is designed to transport open or closed steel drums safely and without spillage risks. Equipped with an innovative grapple that lifts and secures each drum during transport, ensuring no spillage of liquid contents occurs during its journey.

Drum jacks are an invaluable asset for any worker who must transport drums on an ongoing basis, such as those working in warehouses or production environments where space may be at a premium. From warehouse work environments to cramped production settings, they will make your job simpler and safer.

Early Life and Education

Jack was born in Rockville, Nebraska. As an active kid who loved football, his passion soon turned toward music – drum lessons became his new focus and soon enough he found himself an enthusiastic student of this instrument.

He soon rose through the ranks of the Admirals Drum and Bugle Corps to become Drum Major. They traveled the country competing in American Legion national championships.

Jack is a passionate teacher, eager to share his love of drumming with his students. His focus lies in developing strong theoretical foundations while encouraging each of his pupils to find their unique voice on the kit. Furthermore, Jack has extensive session experience having collaborated with multiple WA artists both live and in studio settings.

Professional Career

A cable drum lifting jack is a specialized device used to lift and support heavy cable drums during cable installation or maintenance tasks. Its unique design reduces physical strain for operators while offering safer and more effective alternative handling methods, thus decreasing risk of accidents due to accidental spills or drops.

At 17 years old, he lost his right arm in an industrial accident that seemed to signal the end of his dream to become a professional drummer. Instead of accepting this setback as life-altering, however, he took it as an opportunity to explore drumming in new ways; performing with various musical groups as well as leading clinics and workshops around the globe while expanding his repertoire to include rock, jazz and classical genres.

Achievement and Honors

Jack DeJohnette earned widespread acclaim during a long and prolific musical career that encompassed virtually every genre imaginable. Adored by passionate fans across the world, Jack was revered by millions. But at the same time he took his duties seriously.

The Stripes’ unique sound delighted critics and audiences alike, ultimately garnering them an award at the 2004 GRAMMYs for best rock album and their legendary opening riff from “Seven Nation Army.”

DeJohnette was best known for his groundbreaking collaborations, such as Parallel Realities with Herbie Hancock and Pat Metheny and Music for the Fifth World with traditional Native American elder Grandmother Twylah Nitsch. Gary Peacock on RCA released critically-acclaimed recordings featuring DeJohnette. Additionally, DeJohnette founded Jack Drum Arts co-operative in Durham to further his musical endeavors and community art goals.

Personal Life

Jack has endured much in his personal life, from bipolar disorder to drug dependency and alcoholism, living without heating in a basement apartment to becoming an accomplished musician with genre-spanning music style. But through it all he managed to emerge triumphant as one of today’s premier musicians.

He has played with some of the top musicians, earning recognition and awards. His music has touched countless listeners while his struggles have inspired others. Additionally, he has been active in charitable works and community service activities; raising funds for various organizations while working with homeless and mentally ill individuals.

Net Worth

As a drummer, Lee has earned a healthy living and amassed a net worth in the millions through music as well as other ventures such as fashion and real estate. Additionally, he is an author who has published several books.

Jones has established himself not only as a drummer but also as an accomplished composer and producer, working with artists such as James Arthur and Talib Kweli. Furthermore, Jones launched Famous Stars & Straps Clothing Line which sells t-shirts and jackets.

Drum jacks are specifically designed to transport and place drums in their cradle position for transporting purposes. Their capacity of 1,000 pounds makes them suitable for accommodating either steel or plastic 55-gallon drums; additional features such as drum scale readout and rigid and swivel casters allow for increased maneuverability.

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