Dry Jack

Dry Jack

Monterey Jack cheese has long been associated with legend. First created by Franciscan friars during the 1700s, its production eventually spread throughout North America and became an American classic.

Dry Jack cheese was accidentally created in 1915 as an aged variation of Monterey Jack cheese that is firmer and better for grating and cooking than its fresh counterpart.

Early Life and Education

The dry jack was invented during World War I as an American original as an alternative to hard, flavorful grating cheeses. Produced from semi-hard cow’s milk from coastal pasture cows grazing on coastal pastures, its distinctive appearance features wrinkled cloth bags used to shape each wheel of cheese.

Mozzarella cheese is a high-moisture product typically found in supermarkets, though it can also be aged further to develop complex flavors through external curing with cocoa and oil rub.

Jack serves as Erlanger City Attorney and was previously president of both Kentucky and Grant County Bar Associations. His expertise lies in handling complex planning and zoning matters as well as various litigation cases.

Professional Career

Jack is certified in both Graston and Dry Needling therapy and works to treat a wide variety of orthopedic injuries and post-op sports injuries, working both with young athletes as well as the geriatric population to achieve their rehabilitation goals.

He serves on several Boards of Directors for different organizations, such as Grant County Chamber Vision 2020, Rotary Club of Union, and Rotary Foundation of Central Indiana. Additionally he serves on Grant County Tourism Commission and Dry Ridge Soup Kitchen boards.

As a hobby, he enjoys performing with his band Dry Jack at various venues across the country.

Achievement and Honors

Dry Jack was an exciting live band from the 1980s and 90s that combined jazz with rock music for energetic concerts that won over many fans. Through Inner City Records they recorded two albums: Magical Elements and Whale City.

Ig Vella was an influential cheese maker known as the Father of American Artisan Cheeses. He created the Vella Cheese Co in California and Rogue Creamery in Oregon; both companies were run by him. Ig formulated the Rub of Cocoa Powder and Oil for Aging Rinds which is used today in producing Dry Jack.

Aged 7-10 months, this Monterey Jack cheese features cocoa powder and black pepper for an intense chocolate and black pepper aroma, with firm textures and sweet, nutty notes.

Personal Life

Dry Jack cheese is an aged variant of Monterey Jack cheese used for multiple applications. Its ivory to pale yellow hue belies its dense, hard structure; you can either enjoy eating it as is or shredding and substituting for Parmesan in recipes, while its earthy-nutty flavors complement any number of dishes such as soup or pasta dishes. Due to its high tyramine content it may increase blood pressure; thus limiting consumption among those suffering from hypertension, gout or digestive conditions such as gastritis; while lactose intolerant individuals should avoid eating it altogether.

Starting with basic monterey jack, this cheese undergoes an aging process of seven months that gives rise to its distinctive and intriguing flavor reminiscent of American muenster cheese.

Net Worth

Dry Jack cheese is an American cheese made with cow’s milk and aged up to one year, similar to Monterey Jack, but more firm in texture with an irresistibly nutty flavor. Ideal for grating and pairing well with salads, soups or pasta dishes; not recommended for lactose intolerant individuals as its content increases blood pressure.

New Jack was an influential figure in the wrestling world and fans often wonder about his net worth and personal life. While most aspects of his personal life remained private, New Jack became well-known for his high-risk stunts and aggressive in-ring personality.

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