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Duggar Insurance – Does the Duggar Family Have Health Insurance?

As parents to 19 children, the Duggar family can attest to medical bills becoming costly, leading many fans to wonder whether or not they have health insurance coverage.

Jessa Duggar Seewald recently took to Instagram to reveal that she and her family use Christian Healthcare Ministries for all their health care needs, which provides cost sharing as an alternative to traditional insurance plans.

Personal Life

Fans often have questions about whether or not the Duggar family has health insurance, and Jim Bob Duggar was clear in a 2009 appearance on Larry King Live that they do have coverage through Christian Healthcare Ministries – an alternative cost-sharing ministry where participants pay monthly payments and are reimbursed when medical expenses arise. According to their website, individuals sign up and reimbursed as necessary when medical bills arise.

Net Worth

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