E.P. Henry Pavers

E.P. Henry Pavers

Building a new hardscape using pavers is an engaging project with many choices and decisions to be made. Pavers are highly durable and come in an assortment of colors, textures and sizes that can give your patio its own individual personality.

Cambridge promoted their pavers by creating an upbeat jingle that concluded with “they’ll look like new forever”. Additionally, Cambridge registered two trademarks featuring this phrase.

Early Life and Education

Early Childhood Development and Education (ECDE) is one of the key social determinants of health. ECDE sets up children for lifelong learning, healthy lives and social cohesion.

EP Henry has been producing high-quality pavers, masonry walls, and hardscapes since 1903. They recently joined Oldcastle APG’s wide hardscapes portfolio as EP Henry joined.

EP Henry offers 9 styles of edging stones designed to add the finishing touch to patios, outdoor living features and driveways. These products create defined spaces while simultaneously reducing maintenance requirements while decreasing mulch usage. Many options also incorporate an edge restraint anchor into their design.

EP Henry has long been considered an industry leader when it comes to interlocking pavers, serving as an advocate and educator of best installation practices for contractors for years. Their dedication has improved quality paver construction across North America.

Professional Career

Hard scape projects require careful planning and the use of quality materials. E.P. Henry pavers deliver on their promise of high artistic quality that adds a distinct dimension to any outdoor space, while Bristol Stone 3 1/8 adds texture, depth, and natural masonry-esque characteristics to patios or garden areas. Cast Veneer Stone provides texture depth with half the cost compared to real stone walls while adding charm with perfected masonry look of any garden or patio space.

Wirtz and Daughters offers Techo-Bloc landscaping pavers, retaining walls, slabs and caps in a wide array of styles, shapes and textures to help create your ideal landscape. Additionally, they provide technical information for DIY enthusiasts as well as qualified installers; their products are tough enough to endure outdoor elements for decades – offering lasting enjoyment!

Achievement and Honors

HeroScaping, EP Henry’s hardscaping donation program, provided pavers and wall products to Joe Luther’s Horticulture and Landscaping class at Central Pennsylvania Institute of Science and Technology for use in creating displays at Centre County Home & Garden Show that were judged alongside professional contractors’ displays.

Techo-Bloc stands behind its paving stones against normal deterioration caused by sunlight exposure and atmospheric conditions for up to 10 years following installation, in addition to damages caused by de-icing salt.

Since 1903, Oldcastle APG was family-owned and operated, producing pavers, segmental retaining walls and masonry block. Oldcastle acquired them in 2021, continuing production and distribution of high-quality hardscape products throughout Mid-Atlantic regions.

Personal Life

EP Henry offers an exceptional range of pavers and walls that set the benchmark for beauty, quality and durability. Additionally, they provide accessories like caps, steps and borders to bring any design project to life.

Driveway pavers are stronger and more durable than concrete or asphalt driveways, adding timeless charm and value to your home. Furthermore, driveway pavers help reduce maintenance by keeping mulch in and grass out as well as providing a solid, stable surface that won’t move with ground movement.

Rock Products’ team can assist contractors, homeowners and DIYers alike with finding the ideal product to complete your next hardscaping project. Contact us now and let’s begin the journey together.

Net Worth

Henry currently boasts an estimated net worth between $1 and $9 Million dollars which was acquired through his primary career as an Executive. Thanks to hard work and success, Henry has amassed such immense wealth.

He is currently the CEO of EP Henry, which produces concrete paving stones and wall blocks for use in construction projects worldwide. Their headquarters can be found in Woodbury, New Jersey in United States.

Advanced manufacturing technology used to seal pavers together while maintaining surface texture is at the heart of this product. Filling microscopic surface fluctuations enhances light reflection, thus adding color and brightness. Furthermore, their resistance to staining, acid rain and UV rays makes this an attractive option among homeowners.

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