Earl Goldberg

My Name Is Earl Goldberg

Goldberg has appeared in films such as Dazed and Confused, Saving Private Ryan and The Hebrew Hammer as a supporting actor. Additionally, he has appeared on several television series such as Law & Order: Criminal Intent, My Name Is Earl and Friends as well as NYC 22 (a short-lived series).

Goldberg is also well known as a writer and photographer; both disciplines have earned him critical acclaim and widespread admiration from critics and peers alike.

Early Life and Education

Goldberg was born into a struggling financial family. His father worked as a fruit and vegetable peddler who used a one-eyed cart around Chicago’s streets, while Goldberg himself took various jobs including shoe salesman and construction worker during his schooling years.

Following his graduation from law school, he entered labor law. He helped organize the merger between the American Federation of Labor (AFL) and Congress of Industrial Organizations, serving as key member of AFL-CIO legal department. Furthermore, he became one of the leading proponents of civil rights legislation while serving as amicus counsel in Supreme Court desegregation cases.

President Lyndon Johnson appointed him secretary of labor. Later he ran unsuccessfully for governorship of New York but lost to incumbent Nelson Rockefeller.

Professional Career

Goldberg has established himself in Hollywood through various film and TV roles, such as Dazed and Confused, Saving Private Ryan, A Beautiful Mind and Zodiac. On TV he can be found starring in Law & Order: Criminal Intent, Friends, The Jim Gaffigan Show Taken NYC 22 and many others.

He is best known as an actor but has also made significant contributions in other fields: hosting 26 episodes of DIY Network’s Garage Mahal series; serving as color commentator for Elite Xtreme Combat mixed martial arts promotion until it shut down; writing several television scripts and more.

Goldberg earned critical acclaim in two roles in The Unusuals (a short-lived ensemble cop show) and as hitman Mr. Numbers in Fargo season one. In 2021 he began production on CBS’s God Friended Me series playing Kilroy – an accomplished computer hacker.

Achievement and Honors

Goldberg has enjoyed an accomplished film career that spans three decades, earning critical acclaim with roles such as Made in America and Robert Altman’s The Player. Additionally, she starred on one season of Whoopi Goldberg Show before producing several shows, such as Strong Medicine on Lifetime and Whoopi’s Littleburg on Nickelodeon.

Goldberg won two Emmy Awards and was nominated for Oscar, Tony and Grammy awards as an actress. Additionally, she co-produced the Broadway musical Thoroughly Modern Millie as well as co-producing Ghost, alongside Patrick Swayze.

She has long been involved with and supported the Wounded Warriors Project, for which she has received multiple awards of recognition. In addition to supporting this worthy cause, she continues to produce, act, and write; appearing on shows such as NBC’s Taken and HBO’s Getting Grace.

Personal Life

Goldberg is also an accomplished musician, having released two albums of psychedelic orchestral pop music with LANDy. In his personal life he enjoys traveling and photography.

Art and classical music are key interests, with season tickets for the Philadelphia Orchestra. He also collects classic automobiles; owning both a 1934 Cadillac and vintage MG roadster among his collection.

On television, he has appeared in Friends as Eddie Menuek – Chandler’s hilarious roommate; Entourage; The Jim Gaffigan Show and God Friended Me as technical entrepreneur Simon Hayes. Production on The Equalizer reboot began alongside Queen Latifah in 2021 – this new iteration features Kilroy as an accomplished computer hacker!

Net Worth

Goldberg has amassed an estimated net worth of approximately $6 Million. As both a photographer and musician under his stage name “LANDy”, he has released jazz and rock albums under this moniker as well as written songs and composed film scores for various projects. Additionally, he lives with his son Bud in Los Angeles.

He has appeared in multiple movies such as Saving Private Ryan, Deja Vu, Dazed and Confused, Zodiac and Homeward Bound II; most notably as Infantryman Mellish from Saving Private Ryan.

He has since appeared in several other television series such as Double Rush, Relativity, The Unusuals, Jim Gaffigan Show and Taken. Most recently he can be found co-starring alongside Queen Latifah on CBS hit series The Equalizer.

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