Effie Trinket Costume

Capitol Couture’s Effie Trinket Costume

If you’re a fan of the books The Hunger Games, you’ll probably want to wear an Effie Trinket costume. This flashy capitol costume is great for a book-themed party. Effie wears a metallic blue dress with gold collar and accessories. She also wears metallic net gloves.

Her make-up is also striking, with a strange red glow around her eyes. Although not the most well-known look, it is still a unique one. To achieve this look, first apply a layer of white powder on your face. Next, apply a layer of eyeshadow on your eyelids, leaving out the waterline. Finally, apply a dark red lipgloss and piercing blue contact lenses.

Effie’s style is flamboyant and colorful, and her outfits are inspired by the style of the French empress Marie Antoinette. In the first Reaping, she sports a pink blazer, a pink pencil skirt, and black ankle boot heels. She also wears different wigs and nails for every look.

In the movie, Effie escorts Katniss to President Snow’s mansion. Later, she watches the execution of Snow, but she is not the one being executed. Effie is not a victim, but a witness and a stylist.

Effie Trinket’s costumes are highly detailed. The skirts, blouses, and shoes are all heavily embellished. She has a small waist, which makes her costume look even more elaborate. Often, her costume includes ruffles and puffy sleeves. Additionally, her hair is colored in a bright, playful color.

Effie is a big softy at heart. Although she may come across as insensitive and over-the-top, she has a big heart and is willing to sacrifice her own comfort and happiness to help Katniss. She is also an excellent model for Capitol Couture.

The Effie Trinket costume is one of the most popular costumes for fans of The Hunger Games. Effie’s red, blue, and white dress makes her look adorable and stylish. She was the one who brought Katniss and Peeta to the training session and lead them to the door. But after they defeat the Capitol, Katniss learns that Effie is still alive.

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