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Electrosocket Jack Upgrade For Telecasters and Esquires

This screw-in style jack plate from Fender Telecasters was specifically created to replace the traditional side mounted design, offering stronger attachment and less likely loosening over time.

Installing the Electrosocket jack is straightforward. Simply secure it to the threaded collar on the Electrosocket before mounting its plate through its mounting holes (Photo 7).

Early Life and Education

Since Leo Fender first used it on Esquire and Broadcaster guitars in 1950, traditional side-mounted jack plates have consisted of a metal ferule (or cup), sandwiched between a retainer clip on its backside and tightening nuts from its front. Although durable, this design loosens over time and may require special tools to tighten again; Electrosocket jack provides an effective alternative that solves these issues.

Installing an Electrosocket jack is fairly straightforward. To begin, drill two screw holes using a 3/32″ bit and align them at an angle consistent with those used to mount the Electrosocket’s screws. Next, feed in and secure the jack into place (photo 1). For added peace of mind and safety during installation, Stew-Mac offers their Tele Jack Installation Tool, which makes this task more manageable by safely unclipping retainer clips without damaging the cavity or finish (Photo 3).

Professional Career

Electrosocket’s screw-in style jack plate offers significant improvement to side-mounted output jacks found on Telecaster and similar electric guitars. By moving it to the top of the guitar body, it better supports cable weight, reducing one of the main causes for crackling or intermittent signals to your amplifier.

Screw-in design also makes it simple and easy to remove and re-install the jack if you ever decide you want your guitar back to its original state. This jack mount fits any body with a 7/8″ diameter side jack hole, as well as Switchcraft output jacks (not included). Installation can be achieved without damaging either cavity or finish by drilling two mounting holes at an angle; additionally it comes in anodized satin or shiny plated brass finishes for your choice.

Achievement and Honors

Electrosocket jacks differ from traditional jack plates in that they use diagonally-mounted screw holes that grip into the sides of any hole to keep them secure, instead of traditional metal cups sandwiched between retainer clips on both sides and tightened mounting nuts in front. They’re designed to securely hold 1/4″ switchcraft output jacks without loosening over time, and can be installed on any body with standard 7/8″ diameter side jack holes.

This polished chrome Electrosocket jack mount is specifically designed to be used with Fender Telecaster(r) guitars with 7/8″ mounting holes and accept all 1/4″ jacks (including barrel/panel jacks) made in USA by Switchcraft, plus it comes complete with two mounting screws – and will look fantastic in your Tele! Aged perfectly by us in our shop – this polished jack cup will make a striking statement in your Tele!

Personal Life

This popular upgrade for Fender Telecasters and Esquires tightens the guitar input jack against a metal plate to prevent loosening which could result in crackling amps. Plus, its design makes cable management simpler! Simply screw this Electrosocket into any side jack hole measuring 7/8″, and your upgrade is complete!

First, drill two mounting holes for the Electrosocket into the jack cavity (Photo 5). When mounting, match up its screw holes with those of the body opening to ensure that its plate sits flush against it when mounted. Second, place the jack cup into its threaded collar on the Electrosocket and screw both together (Photo 6). A lock washer may also be installed between it and the jack to prevent right-angle plugs from slipping out.

Net Worth

Electrosocket-style plates offer an alternative to the classic side-mounted jack plates found on Telecasters(r) and Esquire(r), providing greater security against loosening, crackling and signal interruption at your amplifier. This screw-in option keeps everything firmly in place without risk of signal interruption at your amp. This plate accommodates a standard 1/4″-diameter Switchcraft output jack, fitting snugly into a 7/8″-diameter hole without damaging its body; two mounting screws grip diagonally into both sides of this hole for stability. Concave surfaces allow users to easily insert and unplug guitar cables by hand, and are available with either an anodized satin (aluminum) finish or shiny-plated brass plating. Please use a lock washer between your jack and Electrosocket in order to avoid right-angle plugs being pulled out too easily.

Made in the USA. Compatible with Fender guitars that have a 7/8″ output jack hole diameter.

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