Elizabeth Hilfiger

Elizabeth Hilfiger

Elizabeth Hilfiger is a fashion designer and the daughter of Tommy Hilfiger. Her designs have whimsical, free-spirited designs. Her style is quite different from Tommy’s. This article is based on multiple web sources. If you find an error, please let us know.

Hilfiger’s first collection was inspired by Paris and Tokyo. It features hoodies and t-shirts that cost anywhere from $55 to $100. They feature the brand logo and are designed to be worn behind the ear. The brand also dreams of creating a drop-down tab that would allow customers to purchase products directly from the company.

Hilfiger began his career in fashion as a high school student. In his early twenties, he opened a clothing store in Elmira, New York. Afterward, he moved to Manhattan to pursue his career in fashion design. Hilfiger’s namesake line was launched in 1985 with a menswear collection. Since then, the brand has grown to encompass sportswear, bodywear, and jewelry.

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