Eric Benjamin

Eric Benjamin

Eric Benjamin is a Physician Assistant working for Family Health who loves cycling, camping and spending time with his family. Additionally, photography is one of his passions.

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Early Life and Education

Eric Benjamin was an enthusiastic outdoorsman who loved camping, hiking, canoeing and cross country skiing. Additionally, he was an ardent supporter of both the Jets and Yankees; generous with his time, time which he dedicated towards helping others and his community.

Eric was a graduate of the University of Oregon who served in various foreign service missions around the world as well as appearing in films such as Animal House.

He currently practices Family Health at Touro University Nevada and enjoys taking care of patients while helping them live the best lives they can. Outside the office he loves photography, cycling and camping as hobbies; is an incredible people person and is extremely involved with his church and community.

Professional Career

Eric Benjamin takes great pleasure in serving his community through physician assistant work and enjoys cycling, camping and spending time with his family.

He also enjoys painting. His works have been showcased at Greenville art shows as well as throughout the region, and are usually landscape-themed representations of nature.

He has conducted the Akron Symphony Orchestra, Tuscarawas Philharmonic and Alliance Symphony Orchestra as well as his own compositions.

Achievement and Honors

At the University of the South, he played an instrumental role in founding both the Black Alumni Association and Consortium for High Achievement and Success. Additionally, he served as first Director of Multicultural Affairs before being appointed a member of its Honor Council.

Benjamin serves as Music Director of the Tuscarawas Philharmonic Orchestra located in Alliance, Ohio and also as an adjunct professor of Kent State University-Tuscarawas where he teaches The Understanding of Music course.

Benjamin has been an artist for 21 years and is best known for his abstract style of painting, featured at exhibitions throughout Greenville and surrounding cities. Additionally, he is an enthusiastic teacher and has presented at national conferences regarding his methods and philosophy in classroom teaching.

Personal Life

Eric Benjamin was an exceptional individual who loved people deeply. He worked tirelessly, often taking on multiple jobs simultaneously. Eric was also a dedicated father and husband who took great pleasure in spending time with his family; camping or hiking were favorite pastimes of his.

He was also an accomplished musician, conducting several local orchestras such as Akron Youth Symphony and Alliance Symphony Orchestra in Ohio. With an affinity for classical music and performing his own compositions often on piano recitals, his musical passion was well known in Akron.

He was an esteemed artist in Greenville, SC who had his paintings displayed at various galleries. Known for his distinctive abstract style and landscape-themed paintings, his work earned recognition from Art Bomb, Open Studios, and Greenville County Museum of Arts and Sciences awards.

Net Worth

Eric Benjamin is an actor who has strived tirelessly to reach the top of his profession. He is best known for his portrayal of Bobby Ward on Like Family, and also appears in several commercials and is an author and speaker.

According to his filing with the SEC, Mr. Benjamin owns over 8,704 units of Insulet stock and has made 1 trade since 2020, selling 14,912 PODD shares for $3,131,520 on 23 July 2020.

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