Eric Kretz

Eric Kretz – The Man on a Mission

Kretz is on a mission, not simply for his pay check but because the thrill of performing his favorite rock songs to thousands of eager listeners keeps him motivated.

Stone Temple Pilots and Talk Show drummer, Eric Krasno, uses DW Drums hardware and Remo drumheads. His drumming style includes both John Bonham-like fills as well as meaty grooves.

Early Life and Education

Eric Kretz is best-known as a drummer with Stone Temple Pilots and Talk Show/Spiralarms bands, known for his creativity and drumming talents that contributed to their success.

The drummer is an admirer of grunge, hard rock and alternative rock music genres. His passion lies with music itself; he strives to advance his craft. Aspiring musicians should pursue their passion while working hard. Additionally, the drummer participates in charitable initiatives supporting animal welfare organizations.

He wailed some fantastic flam fills in the intro of this song and added busier fills leading into its break. Anyone familiar with Robert DeLeo’s bass playing knows his love for big, meaty grooves; Kretz gave them to DeLeo like no one else could.

Professional Career

Eric Kretz is a seasoned professional who enjoys an eclectic variety of activities in his free time, providing rest and renewal. Additionally, he’s an enthusiastic supporter of animal welfare groups.

Eric Kretz has had an immense influence in the music industry as the drummer for rock band Stone Temple Pilots and has amassed an extensive fanbase on social media.

This drummer boasts a distinct style and sound that has contributed to his success as an artist. With a passion for drumming and tireless practice to perfect his craft, he advises young aspiring musicians to follow their dreams while remaining committed to their craft; furthermore, he encourages them to seek mentorship opportunities.

Achievement and Honors

Eric Kretz has amassed an extensive social media following through his socially responsible activities. Additionally, he is involved with charitable projects that have earned him support from followers eager to join in their endeavors.

Stone Temple Pilots released several albums while Kretz was part of their lineup and enjoyed immense commercial success. From Core through Purple and Tiny Music… Songs from the Vatican Gift Shop, STP developed musically while remaining uniquely STP.

Kretz originally recorded his drum parts for Core with a Yamaha Rock Tour Custom kit, before becoming an endorser with GMS Drums and switching over to using Zildjian Company cymbals, Vater Drumsticks and Drum Workshop Inc hardware from Zildjian Company; also owning Bomb Shelter Studio in Los Angeles.

Personal Life

Kretz credits John Bonham and Bill Bruford as his primary influences, having developed his signature sound through working with any genre. His drumming on “Wicked Garden” has become legendary – drummers everywhere have memorized his drumming on this track!

Once he had gained experience playing in several semi-prog bands in SoCal, Kretz responded to an advertisement in Recycler classifieds newspaper and joined Scott Weiland and Robert DeLeo as Stone Temple Pilots – co-writing song lyrics for their 1992 debut Core album release.

Kretz remains active with both STP and Talk Show, owning Bomb Shelter Studios in Los Angeles. He utilizes DW hardware and Remo drumheads. Zildjian Company cymbals complete his collection. Kretz is married with three children.

Net Worth

Since beginning his career as a drummer, Kretz’s net worth has experienced exponential growth. Through tours and album sales alone, as well as partnerships with influencers and brands collaborating with him on tours or albums sales; his net worth has skyrocketed.

He has collaborated with artists including Thom Yorke of Radiohead and Damian Marley. Additionally, he founded Bomb Shelter Studios in Los Angeles where he engineered and mixed live recordings by artists like Ben Harper and Jurassic 5 for The Henry Rollins Show.

Kretz also engages in business and has various philanthropic interests. He supports animal welfare organizations. Additionally, he believes strongly in social media’s power to connect with his audience and grow his brand.

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