Erica Alonso

Erica Alonso’s Body Found Two Months After She Was Last Seen

Erica Alonso went missing in February. Her body was discovered east of San Juan Capistrano, California. It was determined to be the result of an overdose. No one has been charged with her murder. It is thought that she took a recreational drug, GHB, which is a powerful sedative. It can put someone in a deep sleep and even cause coma.

The Orange County Sheriff’s Department started an investigation as soon as Alonso was reported missing. The OCSD interviewed several people over the last few months. Alonso’s body was found near her car, which was found about a mile away from her home. Investigators are pursuing several leads in the case.

The family of Erica Alonso is still trying to come to terms with her death and the loss of her beloved daughter. Erica Alonso disappeared on Valentine’s Day. She was last seen alive after an argument at her boyfriend’s home. Her father has buried her body. She would have turned 28 in March.

Erica Alonso’s body was found off Ortega Highway in Irvine, California, two months after she was last seen. Her death has been attributed to an overdose of alcohol and GHB, a party drug that is lethal in combination with alcohol. She was a recent high school student and was a popular socialite.

Erica Alonso was last seen on February 15, after she was out with a date with her boyfriend. The pair went out to a nightclub and got into an argument outside their home. Approximately 15 minutes later, she was nowhere to be found. The body was found in a dry creek bed near Ortega Highway, two months after her last sighting.

After leaving the nightclub, Alonso and her boyfriend befriended another couple. They later stayed with the couple for two hours before being seen. Alonso’s boyfriend and the other couple eventually argued and the foursome departed the club. A police investigation was launched.

The investigation is ongoing. After a toxicology test, a toxicologist will determine whether the substances in the body were lethal. Although no one has been arrested in connection with Alonso’s death, the police are following all possible leads. To date, there are no signs that her boyfriend was involved in her death.

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