Erik Tenczar

How to Find Out Who is Erik Tenczar

There are several ways to find out who is Erik Tenczar. You can check if he uses an alias or has other names. You can also find out if Erik is associated with any businesses. If he is living in Connecticut, check his social media accounts. You can also find out his address and other contact information.

Since buying their $750,000 home in Kingston, Massachusetts, Erik and Athina Tenczar have collected more than 700 golf balls. The balls have dented walls, shattered windows, and even left gunshot-sounding noises inside the house. As a result, the couple has built a partition between their home and the deck to shield it from the flying objects. But last year, a golf ball took out a railing on their deck. The couple filed a lawsuit against the club, and won.

The first golf ball Erik Tenczar encountered was on his property while unbuckling his newborn daughter. The ball hit the house so hard that it shattered one of the windows in the family’s home, and the glass spewed in the next room. It also struck the deck railing, sending the glass splashing into the child’s play area. The couple called the clubhouse several times.

The Tenczar family purchased a new house near a golf course. Their new home overlooked the 15th hole of the golf course. They enjoyed the serenity of Indian Pond Estates, but it was not without its share of challenges. Golfers often smashed their windows, causing glass to fly into the house. The siding was peppered with circular dents. The neighborhood kids also wore helmets to protect themselves.

The Tenczars initially called the police, but were told that they couldn’t do anything. They eventually decided to hire a lawyer, and sued the country club for damages. The country club denied the claim and is appealing the decision. The lawsuit is worth around $3.5 million. Despite this, the Tenczars haven’t seen a golf ball in the property for months.

The Tenczars bought the property for $750,000 on April 27, 2017. The Indian Pond Country Club did not respond to a request for comment, and the Tenczars filed an appeal. As of April 27, 2017, the Tenczars bought the home for $750,000. The judge has granted the Tenczars $3.5 million in damages and $4.9 million with interest.

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