Ethan Curtis

Ethan Curtis – Son of HGTV and DIY Network TV Personality Nicole Curtis

Ethan Curtis is the son of HGTV show host Nicole Curtis of DIY Network television fame and she specializes in renovating older homes to meet modern living needs. In turn, he has appeared alongside his mother on her popular series.

She recently sued the Detroit Land Bank Authority, who claimed ownership of a home she invested $60,000 into, in court. Now in its second week, this court case continues onward.

Early Life and Education

Ethan Curtis is the son of Nicole Curtis, an HGTV and DIY Network TV host who often appears alongside him on her television series Rehab Addict on HGTV. Nicole specializes in renovating older homes to adapt them for modern living and began appearing on Rehab Addict back in 2010.

Ethan graduated from Lake Orion High School in Michigan and later attended Florida State University, becoming an assistant coach there for both football and basketball. Now based out of Vermont, where Essex High School sits within his network of coaching schools he serves as an assistant coach with his expertise on both sides of the ball –

Ethan was featured on the popular reality series Rehab Addict Rescue. Throughout his childhood, his mother and ex-fiance, Steve Cimini fought over custody of Ethan. Eventually they agreed upon a joint custody arrangement wherein she gets access to him two days a week and every other weekend.

Professional Career

Family Member has amassed an estimated net worth between $1 Million – $5 Million dollars through her career as Family member.

Curtis has accomplished much social good throughout her life. She founded a foundation which raises funds for charity, and hosted the popular television program Rehab Addict.

She discusses that she was exhausted by all of her public appearances, with fans even approaching her in her yard using information from her shows to find it.

Curtis is the proud mother of Ethan, who adores watching her TV show Rehab Addict as she renovates old houses to fit contemporary lifestyles.

Achievement and Honors

Ethan Curtis is a graduate of Brighton High School who recently achieved top-20 national placement in Chemistry Olympiad, an international competition designed for bright children. Currently he is attending a two-week study camp and hopes to qualify for national finals later this month. Ethan considers this his proudest achievement since it required hard work and determination on his part to reach this far.

Dr. Curtis is the 2019 Queensland Tall Poppy Science award recipient, with an emphasis on using research to influence policy debate. She belongs to both UQ Centre for Policy Futures and Trust, Ethics, and Governance Alliance Research Hub; as well as experience engaging government bodies by translating her findings into policy.

She is also an active member of the Australian Institute of Tall Poppy Science and enjoys sharing her science with broader society.

Personal Life

Nicole Curtis of HGTV and DIY Network fame began hosting Rehab Addict as its host back in 2010. Nicole specializes in renovating older houses to meet contemporary lifestyle standards, and often appears alongside Ethan on Rehab Addict to present renovation advice to viewers.

In 2015, Shane Maguire married Harper and they gave birth to Ethan. According to reports, however, they went through an intense custody battle with ex-partner Shane Maguire over their child, ultimately receiving joint legal and physical custody of it.

He was born on the 24th December, which indicates his life path number 8. Numerology has shown that those born into this path possess natural leadership skills as well as adept financial management abilities, making them capable of accomplishing much in life.

Net Worth

Nicole Curtis has an estimated net worth between $1 Million – $5 Million due to her primary occupation as a Family Member.

She has made smart real estate investments that have greatly added to her fortune. Often purchasing abandoned or undervalued houses and renovating them before selling or renting them out.

Curtis began filming Rehab Addict in 2010 and continued filming through 2018, taking two year breaks between seasons. When Rehab Addict first premiered she was “juggling real estate, design and home renovation projects all while being a much younger mother”.

She is mother to Ethan and Harper, whom she battles over custody with her ex-husband for. Currently she is dating Ryan Sawtelle who founded and directs White Heart Foundation as military nonprofit organization.

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