Eva Marcille Ids

Eva Marcille IDs

Eva Marcille IDs, a television personality from the United States, is a model and television personality. She first found success after winning the third cycle of the reality television show America’s Next Top Model. She has gone on to become an actress and a fashion model. Her career has been marked with numerous awards, including a Tony Award as Best Actress and a Peabody Award as Best Supporting Actress.

Eva Marcille is a mother of three. She had two children with her first marriage, Kevin McCall, and one with her second marriage, Michael Sterling. In 2017, she joined the cast of Real Housewives of Atlanta, where she quickly became a fan favorite as well as a permanent cast member. Her first daughter, Marley Rae, is now three years old.

Eva Marcille’s eldest child, Maverick, is two years old. She is married to Michael Sterling, who is a successful businessman. They have two children together, a two-year-old and a four-year-old. Eva Marcille and Michael Sterling made the news public via an Instagram post.

Eva Marcille is currently pregnant. She announced her pregnancy on April 1 of this year via her husband, Mike Sterling. The couple has a daughter, Marley Rae, and a 17-month-old son, Michael Todd Jr. Eva Marcille and Mike Sterling were married in October of 2018. Their relationship began in 2016, and they were married in October of 2018.

Eva Marcille and Kevin McCall split after Marley was born. Kevin denied any allegations that he had abused his wife. He was however, arrested in January 2018 and charged for injuring his ex-wife. He was released on bail of $75000 and scheduled for a court date in August. Marley was born October 2015.

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