Everything You Need To Know About Managed IT Services

Managed IT services are becoming more popular as a way to manage your IT resources. Nearly 60% of IT providers have switched to Managed Services from the traditional BreakFix model. This service model charges users an hourly fee for any consultation, repair, or other issue that may arise. This may sound convenient, but it can be difficult to budget for unexpected issues.


OTELCO’s managed IT services help you manage your business’s IT needs. These services include managed servers, workstations, email, 24/7 helpdesk support and network security. These services keep your business running smoothly and save you time and money for other tasks. Let OTELCO help you meet the demands of your growing business with managed IT services.

Technology is the most powerful tool in the business world. However, it can also be overwhelming and difficult to manage. Even for technologists, it can be challenging to deal with the constant notifications and security threats. OTELCO’s managed IT service offers anti-virus as a service. It uses award-winning Machine Learning algorithms that protect your data and infrastructure from cybercriminals.

Unlike the Break-Fix model, Managed Services provide proactive support for your business’s network and computer systems. Managed Services experts monitor and diagnose your systems to identify problems before they become major. The service provider also offers helpdesk support for 24×7 emergencies.


OTELCO offers a variety of cloud and managed IT services, including cloud hosting and email hosting. It also offers network development and technology consulting. These Managed Services are great for companies that have limited resources, but need IT support. With a wide range of options, OTELCO can meet the needs of any business.

OTELCO offers Managed Workstations, Helpdesk and Managed Servers. These services provide 24×7 monitoring and helpdesk support, as well as network security. This helps businesses run smoothly and saves internal resources. OTELCO’s Managed Services allow you to focus on your business and not worry about IT.

Managed services are a great complement for in-house IT staff. These services can help you manage your IT workload. Managed Services offer a number of features that older IT outsourcing models could not offer. It’s important to choose the right Managed Services option for your company’s needs. Managed Services are a great option for companies that are experiencing rapid growth.

OTELCO Managed Services

Managed Services offer a variety of IT products and services to organizations. From cloud hosting and email hosting to technology consulting and network development, OTELCO can help businesses keep their systems running smoothly and maximize internal resources. Managed Services can help organizations reach a variety of business goals such as improving customer service, increasing employee productivity and reducing costs.

OTELCO provides comprehensive residential and business solutions in Maine, Vermont and West Virginia. Its range of products and services includes high-speed Internet, hosted PBX, and more. The company also offers managed services to help businesses keep up with the ever-changing technology landscape.

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