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What is Fake News and How to Spot It

Fake news is information presented as news but is untrue. It is deliberately false and intended to mislead people. This type of news is often based upon unverifiable headlines and facts, and does not adhere to the strict editorial standards of mainstream media. The goal is to mislead the readers and increase advertising revenue for publishers.

The term “fake” has several synonyms, including fraud, counterfeit, humbug, imposture, sham, and troll. Fake can be used to deceive or imitate a valuable item or an item, but it does not necessarily mean dishonesty. Fake products can also be faked that appear genuine, but are actually fake.

Fake products can be harder to spot than others. Poor quality deepfakes are often characterized by poor lip synching, uneven skin tone, and flickering around transposed faces. Also, fine details like teeth and jewellery can be tricky to reproduce in a deepfake. Strange lighting effects and reflections in the eyes are also giveaways.

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