Falconer Snl

The Falconer on SNL

The Falconer was a sketch that was set to appear on SNL during the 32nd season. It was written by Rainn Wilson and starred Amy Poehler. The storyline of the sketch centers on a time-traveling Falconer, who travels back in time to warn the present Falconer of Donald’s impending death. When the Falconers find out the truth, they have to race back in time to save Donald.

Saturday Night Live’s recurring sketch, The Falconer, features a fictional businessman named Ken Mortimer. In the sketch, he speaks in a booming, strident voice and sends his falcon Donald to help him in his adventures. The falcon gets sidetracked by the trials and tribulations of modern society, but returns to the Falconer after forgiving him. The sketch is a parody of 70s and 80s action TV shows.

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