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Black Widow Is the Most Anticipated Movie This Summer on Fandango

The official release of Black Widow, the latest Marvel movie, will take place this week. After being delayed by a year and a half, this standalone movie is selling well in pre-sales. Black Widow has already outsold other Marvel Cinematic Universe movies on Fandango.

The film is based upon the comic book character “Black Widow” and is set after Captain America: Civil War. Cate Shortland directed the film and Scarlett Johansson stars as Scarlett Johansson, a super-soldier who is ruthless. During a recent interview with Fandango, the director revealed that the film is different from other MCU movies.

97% of the 4,000 advance tickets purchasers plan on seeing the new Marvel Studios movie at the theaters, according to the survey. More than half of them plan to stay for the post-credit scene. This is a sign that audiences are very excited to see the new superhero movie. The film is expected to be the top-selling movie of the year with more than 4.5 Million tickets.

Fast 9 had the largest opening weekend of the pandemic era, with Fast 9’s presales surpassing the film’s. Currently, the film is on pace for an opening weekend of $80-90 million, outpacing Spider-Man: Homecoming’s $65 million opening weekend. Black Widow presales are outpacing Doctor Strange’s debut. Disney is keeping it safe with a forecast of Black Widow’s debut weekend at $75 million+.

The story of Black Widow is extremely tragic, and it lacks the necessary outrage for grotesque human rights abuses. The humour that is used in the film serves the dramatic story without undermining it. Director Cate Shortland does a good job with the material she’s given. However, the movie’s plotline often diverges from Natasha’s, and a lot of the movie focuses on other characters.

Fandango: Black Widow is Fandango’s most anticipated film of the summer. It aims to fill in the missing pieces of the story about Natasha Romanoff. It will also introduce a new character to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It is an important step for the company and the studio. It will mark the end of the Infinity Saga and the beginning of a new era.

Black Widow will be released on July 9, 2021, and was previewed at several red carpet fan events earlier this year. The film received a lot of positive reviews on review site Rotten Tomatoes, which increased the anticipation for its theatrical release. It has outsold the advance sales of other Marvel films, such as F9 and A Quiet Place Part II.

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