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Fernando Villalona Net Worth – Salary, Income & Career

Fernando Villalona is an internationally-renowned world music singer born May 7th 1955 in Monte Cristi Dominican Republic.

Villalona became known as El Mayimbe during the late 1970s and his fame has not waned since. His hits include Tabaco y Ron, Celos, Te Amo Demasiado, La Hamaquita and Sonambulo.

Early Life and Education

Ramon Fernando Villalona Evora, born May 7th 1955 in Loma de Cabrera Dominican Republic is an award-winning World Music Singer known for pushing the limits of merengue music for over four decades now.

He is known for composing numerous hit songs such as Delirante Amor, Tabaco y Ron, and Dominicano Soy that have captured the hearts of audiences worldwide.

He made headlines as part of We Are The World Spanish version alongside Ricky Martin and Shakira, and is best known for his charitable projects and philanthropy work. Recently he suffered health problems but managed to regain strength enough to continue his career despite these obstacles. Vicioso is married to Fatima Vicioso and has two children: Paloma Villalona Jorge and Matthew Villalona.

Professional Career

Fernando Villalona has built up an extensive musical catalog over his long career, earning numerous acclaims and awards along the way. His music embodies both classic merengue and modern Latin American styles with dynamic rhythms and catchy hooks that have won him an avid international following.

El Mayimbe was one of the earliest Dominican artists to adopt the moniker and quickly gained widespread acclaim as one of history’s premier merengue artists. Beginning singing in the early 70s, his popularity quickly skyrocketed.

In 2012, Fatima Vicioso recorded El Color de Tu Mirada with Victoria Daly which went on to win Best Music Video at the 2013 Soberano Awards. They have two daughters together, Paloma and Claritza as well as son Matthew.

Achievement and Honors

Fernando Villalona’s captivating voice has delighted Mases across Dominica for more than four decades, earning him the nickname of El Mayimbe for creating merengue magic that cannot be fully described but must instead be experienced first-hand.

He was born in Monte Cristi on May 7th 1955 and currently 68 years old. He became known as El Mayimbe upon release of his debut album Sus Exitos in 1972. Additionally, he participated in recording the Spanish version of We are the World with Shakira and other well-known artists.

He is father to five children in total: Paloma, Claritza and Matthew are biological while Francisco and Jose were fostered children. Since being clean for more than 10 years, he continues to help others fight addiction from his era.

Personal Life

Fernando Villalona was born May 7, 1955 in Monte Cristi, Dominican Republic. He is a merengue musician with roots in Dominica who became famous as “El Mayimbe.”

At an early age, he began singing professionally and soon after found fame through participation in El Festival de la Voz talent show for amateur television performers. Additionally, he performed for Wilfrido Vargas’ group Los Hijos del Rey as part of its repertoire.

In the 1980s, his songs Tabaco y Ron, Celos, Te Amo Demasiado, La Hamaquita Sonambulo Dominicano Soy and Me He Enamorado became big hits. While he became addicted to drugs during this time, he never stopped creating music. Today he is married to Fatima Vicioso and has five children–two girls and three boys.

Net Worth

Dominican merengue artist “El Mayimbe”, is beloved among his many fans worldwide. His mesmerizing melodic voice and rhythmic style has mesmerized mases throughout Dominica for more than forty years – captivating them with its magic!

In 2012, he collaborated on recording El Color de tu Mirada with American singer Victoria Daly; its music video later earned a nomination at the 2013 Soberano Awards.

Ramon Fernando Villalona Evora was born in Loma de Cabrera, Monte Cristi Province on May 7, 1955 and currently stands 68 years old as of 2024.

Fernando Villalona prefers to keep his personal and romantic lives private; however, we know he was dating previously. Once more information on his relationships become available we will update this page accordingly.

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