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LeBron James Family Foundation

Despite his huge success, LeBron James doesn’t have all the time in the world to spend with his kids. So he’s making sure they have the best opportunities to grow up as happy, healthy, well-adjusted people.

So, he’s created the LeBron James Family Foundation, which invests in youth education and life skills development in Akron, Ohio. The foundation works with more than 1,400 kids in the area to help them reach their full potential.

He’s also a big supporter of the I PROMISE program, which helps Akron-area students with their academic and personal goals. The program provides kids with the education they need to succeed and the guidance and mentoring that will help them on their paths to success.

The foundation’s mission is to empower kids to make a difference in their communities and beyond. In addition to investing in the I PROMISE program, the foundation also provides grants for other programs.

One of the many ways the foundation does this is by providing kids with the tools they need to excel at sports. The foundation offers youth sports camps, clinics, and lessons on the fundamentals of basketball.

Among other things, the foundation also works to promote awareness of the importance of physical fitness, nutrition, and overall health. Its I PROMISE program is available for free and provides a variety of fitness activities and resources.

He’s also a proud dad to Bronny and Bryce, who both play for the Los Angeles Lakers. In fact, the two boys were featured on the cover of Sports Illustrated this month.

As you can see from the image, Bronny and Bryce both wear black T-shirts that have an image of their dad on them. They’re standing together with their dad on a basketball court, and their dad’s caption reads “WHOA!!!! Just kids from Akron!!!”.

It’s a beautiful family photo!

After sharing their first Sports Illustrated cover together, LeBron and his sons have continued to make this NBA off-season all about family. He shared a photo of his sons on Instagram, where he tagged them and wrote the caption “Just kids from Akron!!!”

Ahead of the 2018-19 season, LeBron has been busy with all sorts of projects. His new jerseys are being manufactured, he’s been working with the NBA to launch an educational initiative for young athletes, and he’s been a vocal advocate for childhood obesity.

In his spare time, LeBron enjoys spending time with his family and friends. But, he’s also a big sports fan, so he takes the opportunity to watch games when he can.

He’s also an avid reader of NBA news, so he’s always keeping up with the latest rumors and happenings. He’s also an avid supporter of the LeBron James Family Foundation, so he always makes time for that.

Unlike his father, who had a tough road to get to the NBA, Bronny is enjoying everything that comes with playing professional basketball. He’s getting better every year and is a real talent on the court.

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