Flopping Fish Dog Toy

Floppy Fish – A Motion-Activated Dog Toy

The Floppy Fish is a motion-activated dog toy that recognizes when it has been played with. It then stops moving after a while, saving battery life. It also comes with a USB charging cable and a pouch of fresh catnip. It can also be used by multiple pets, so it is ideal for multiple households.

This toy is made of a soft, plush material and is perfect for chewing, biting, kicking, and playing. This toy is also perfect for reducing stress levels and relieving separation anxiety. It also has an ON/OFF switch hidden in the side, so it can be turned off when it is not being used.

A Stimulating Floppy Fish Doggo Toy can keep your dog mentally and physically stimulated for hours. The toy features a quiet contact motion sensor which stops the toy from being manipulated by your dog. It is also made with durable TPR Grade padding that has been tested 100s of times.

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