Frankie McNellis

Frankie McNellis – A Filipino American Triple Threat

Frankie McNellis is an incredible Filipino American triple threat who acts, sings and dances. At 16-years-old she has appeared in multiple series such as ABC’s Black-ish and Dreamworkstv’s Play Anything as well as having her own YouTube channel with cover songs on it.

McNellis recently made her acting debut in Sony Pictures’ Honey Girls, the build-a-bear entertainment movie starring Ashanti, Tessa Brooks and Aliyah Mastin and now available to stream on Netflix.

Early Life and Education

Frankie McNellis is a 16-year-old Filipina American triple threat – she excels as an actress, singer and dancer. She has guest starred on ABC’s Blackish and Dreamworks’ Play Anything as an actress or dancer and also performs the National Anthem at five NBA games every season.

McNellis first gained recognition as a singer in November 2013, when she began posting covers to YouTube. Since April 2019 however, she has joined Pentatonix’s kid’s acapella group Acapop! KIDS.

McNellis recently appeared as Lucy in the Netflix film adaptation of 13: The Musical as one of its central characters – mischievous cheerleader who falls for Evan Goldman (Eli Golden). McNellis played a character inspired by an actual teenager she knew; in October she posted an Instagram photo featuring both Agnes and John McNellis together with themselves as Lucy!

Professional Career

Frankie McNellis is a young pop singer-actress-dancer prodigy best known as part of Acapop! KIDS group which has released singles and posted cover songs online via its YouTube channel.

She has made guest appearances on ABC’s Black-ish and was a series regular on Dreamworkstv’s Play Anything. Additionally, she voiced Aidy in the American Girl series Ready, Set, Prep!

McNellis recently shot her leading role in Sony Pictures and Build-A-Bear Entertainment’s live-action feature film HONEY GIRLS, alongside Ashanti, Tessa Brooks, Aliyah Mastin and Ava Grace. Additionally she provides voicework in Dreamworks’ animated series Curses as a recurring voice actor, and will star as popular cheerleader ‘Lucy’ in Netflix’s feature adaptation of Broadway musical 13: The Musical.

Achievement and Honors

Frankie Mcnellis is an American actress, dancer, and singer best known as part of Acapop! KIDS group. Additionally, she has released singles and posted cover songs on YouTube channel.

McNellis recently made an appearance in Sony Pictures and Build-A-Bear Entertainment’s Netflix-streamed feature film Honey Girls alongside Ashanti, Tessa Brooks, Aliyah Mastin and Ava Grace.

McNellis also appeared in 13: The Musical, released on Netflix in 2022 and based on Dan Elish, Dan Brown, and Alan Horn’s 2008 Broadway musical of the same name. McNellis played popular cheerleader ‘Lucy’.

Young artist entertainer Ali is of mixed nationality; her mom Agnes hails from Filipino roots while father John hails from white stock. However, Ali has yet to reveal her religion on social media platforms.

Personal Life

Frankie McNellis is a 16-year-old Filipino American triple threat; an actress, singer, and dancer. She stars as Lucy in Netflix’s movie adaptation of 13: The Musical.

Eli Golden stars as Evan Goldman, an NYC boy who moves to Indiana for his Bar Mitzvah celebration and must navigate his new school’s complex social circles – especially those related to cheerleading – before meeting Kendra (played by Frankie) and Lucy, two new cheerleader best friends at school.

McNellis first gained attention when she started posting covers to YouTube in November 2013. Later, in April of 2014, she joined Pentatonix-formed kid acapella group Acapop! KIDS.

Sony Pictures released “Honey Girls,” a live-action feature film inspired by Build-A-Bear Entertainment’s best-selling product line. She co-starred alongside Ashanti, Tessa Brooks and Aliyah Mastin.

Net Worth

Frankie McNellis is an American singer and actress. She made waves online after posting cover songs to YouTube, appearing in various television series, and showing an affinity for hip hop and jazz funk dance at Millennium Dance studio where she trains regularly.

Frankie most recently made her mark as Luci in Netflix feature film 13: The Musical, playing ‘Lucy’ alongside Eli Golden (Evan Goldman). This story follows Evan as he adjusts to life after his parents divorce in a small Indiana town and strives to form new friendships while mastering social interactions; until he meets Luci, who attempts to win his heart over.

Frankie holds an estimated net worth of $1.5 Million thanks to her talent as a singer and social media influencer status.

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