Furry Shark

A Furry Shark Journal

This journal is perfect for shark lovers. It features a deep blue furry cover with a toothy embroidered shark. This journal is ideal for any shark lover, child or parent. It’s a fun way to keep track of your thoughts and memories.

The whiskery shark is the only member of its genus and only occurs in Australia. It is a member the houndshark species family and can be found in open ocean habitats. It has two moderately-sized dorsal and nasal barbels. Its body is brownish gray above and lighter below, and it can grow up to 1.6 meters long.

The shark is not a furry creature. It has tough scales all over its body. It isn’t a mammal so it doesn’t need fur to keep warm. It does have scales that help it swim and protect it from the weather.

Many people mistake sharks for mammals. Sharks don’t have hair when they’re born. They are viviparous which means that they give birth to young. This doesn’t mean that they’re mammals, though a few species are oviparous and have hair on their bodies.

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