Furry Suit Fox

How to Use a Furry Suit Fox

Fursuits are costumes that allow a person to adopt an animal look and feel. They range in complexity from simple tails and ears to full-body costumes with mechanical and electronic components. Fursuits can cost anywhere from $100 to $10,000. They are mostly sold online, with many fursuit makers owning dedicated sites, and can also be found at furry conventions. Some furries make their own, using online tutorials, while others hire a professional to create their costumes.

Some fursuits have small openings that allow the performer to see through. Others are completely headless so they can interact with fursuiters and drink large quantities of water without exposing their faces. In addition, many styles include a headband or balaclava to keep the wearer’s face concealed and prevent excessive sweating. Some people use makeup to cover their entire head.

While most fursuiters create a suit to be as realistic as possible, some fursuiters use their suit as a vehicle to express their inner animal self. If the wearer doesn’t know how to use the suit, a costly suit can be useless. Acting is an important part of the experience; the way a performer uses their costume will have an impact on how other people perceive them.

Fursuiters may choose to portray characters with a different gender than their natural one. To give the character a natural appearance, padding can be added to certain parts of the body. To create the digitigrade shape, canid suits have padding in the legs.

Fursuiters should follow the correct cleaning procedures. They wash each part separately to avoid letting it develop bacteria and fungus. They dry the fur by either laying it flat or using a fan. However, they should avoid soaking the fursuit in water as it may cause it to lose its color.

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