Gabrielle Union Instagram

Sexy Workouts From Gabrielle Union on Instagram

Gabrielle Union’s latest Instagram video will appeal to all fitness levels. The video shows Union working out with her 3-year-old daughter, Kaavia James. It is captioned “Working out for a better mood.” Union has not been forthcoming about her diet in recent months but she has posted photos of her exercise routine.

Union’s Instagram feed is full of workout videos, including a highlight reel of her most recent workouts. These workout videos are shared with friends, family, and sometimes her husband, Dwayne. She shared a 2017 workout routine that included seven moves to strengthen her back, shoulders and neck. The video included rope pulls, dumbbell raises, and medicine ball throws.

Gabrielle Union also shared a back to school photo with her followers. In the photo, she wore a fuzzy gray robe and a pair of fuzzy blue slippers. She also included a photo with herself in a camouflage bikini. This is a great addition to any Instagram account.

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