Gay Muscle Nation Review

Gay Muscle Nation is the perfect dating site for gay muscle lovers. This online dating community has many benefits over traditional dating and can help men meet their perfect match in a matter of minutes. It saves time and money. Gay muscle members are more secure than other dating sites.

Erick Alvarez (a San Francisco Bay Area certified physical trainer), conducted extensive research and interviews of gay men. His findings in this book are fascinating and are useful to those studying gay body culture. This book will help you decide if gay body culture is right for you, whether you are looking to gain muscle mass or simply want to see what makes gay men look good.

According to a survey, a physique that’s attractive to gay men tends to include both a small butt and a large upper body. It can take up to two or five years of proper training and nutrition to get to this level of muscularity. However, a strong physique scores almost as well as a muscular physique. They can achieve this level in months or even weeks depending on how much training they have done.

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