Genevieve Halford

Genevieve Halford played an influential role in shaping her legendary life, from passion and ambition, to destiny becoming intertwined. Her story stands as proof of this fact.

At first she and Jackie Gleason had an unstable marriage due to his frequent nightclub engagements taking precedence over domestic life. They eventually parted ways.

Early Life and Education

Gleason married dancer Genevieve Halford in 1936. Together they had two daughters – Geraldine and Linda – before divorcing five years later in 1970. Halford was devout Catholic who desired a family life; Gleason however preferred drinking and partying instead of family life; eventually Gleason divorced Halford and married Beverly McKittrick shortly thereafter.

Genevieve is a French feminine name which translates to “woman of the family”. Initially a medieval Germanic name Genovefa or Kenowefa, Genevieve became popular during its peak popularity during early 20th century and reached its highest popularity at that time; known by various nicknames including Jenny, Gen, Viv and Vivi. It has long been associated with Saint Genevieve who became patron saint of Paris after her bravery during Attila the Hun’s invasion. Baby named after Saint Genevieve can draw inspiration from her bravery during Attila the Hun invasion as role model role model for young girls given this name as role models – role models from Saint Genevieve is well known for her bravery during Attila was famously courageous during Attila the Hun invader. Nicknames include Jenny Gen Viv and Vivi.

Professional Career

She was an active Catholic, generous benefactor of personal charity and frequent communicant at St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York and long-time volunteer for programs for the elderly and infirmed. Additionally, she belonged to both Veterans of Foreign Wars and American Red Cross organizations.

Jackie Gleason became well-known for hosting and performing in his variety show “Cavalcade of Stars”, followed by his TV sitcom The Honeymooners where he portrayed bus driver Ralph Kramden for multiple years.

His life as an entertainer would continue until his death on 24 June 1987 at age 71 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Geraldine and Linda would eventually follow. He also featured in several films.

Achievement and Honors

Genevieve Halford was an accomplished dancer who also excelled as a loving wife and mother. Additionally, Genevieve worked tirelessly as a philanthropist helping those in need – until her passing in Manhattan at age 96 on July 9, 2012.

Halford met Jackie Gleason while performing vaudeville and began dating him, wanting them to get married; Gleason wasn’t ready for commitment and Halford threatened that she’d see other men if they didn’t marry soon.

After 34 years together, their marriage ended in divorce. Halford was an active Catholic who remained actively involved with her church community throughout her life. A beautiful and accomplished individual, she will be greatly missed; yet her legacy lives on through the people she helped.

Personal Life

Genevieve Halford was an esteemed dancer and philanthropist. She married comedian and actor Jackie Gleason in 1936 and they went on to have two children. Gleason became known for his signature blend of visual and verbal comedy that was deeply rooted in Brooklyn – playing Ralph Kramden on television’s Honeymooners series while simultaneously hosting his own variety show known as “The Jackie Gleason Show”.

However, his nightclub antics and excessive alcoholism caused friction within their marriage and led to numerous separations and reconciliations before his death on July 9th 2012 at age 96 in Manhattan New York. She was an ardent Catholic who is survived by two daughters.

Net Worth

She was a dedicated wife and mother who enjoyed helping others. She was an active communicant at St. Patrick’s Cathedral as well as volunteering at programs for seniors. Additionally, she contributed generously to several charitable organizations.

After 33 years of marriage to Jackie Gleason and two daughters together – Geraldine and Linda – she divorced him in 1970 after an arduous process and never remarried again, while remaining active within her Catholic faith.

Halford is best known as being part of Judas Priest and has released several albums such as Fight, 2wo and Rob Halford with Family and Friends. Additionally he is widely known for side projects such as Skid Row and Five Finger Death Punch; with an estimated net worth of $40 Million.

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