George Arthur

George Arthur Wulbern IV

George Arthur Wulbern IV was born to his loving parents, George Arthur Wulbern III (Tripp) and Cecilia Marie Wulbern (CeCe). He arrived like a meteorite, burst into life with brilliant, uncontained energy.

George was an inspiring figure, always smiling and content, fully present and engaged with those around him.

Early Life and Education

George Wulbern was raised in Charleston, SC and attended the College of Charleston before pursuing law as his career. Graduating from the University of South Carolina School of Law in 1907, he quickly rose to become Columbia, SC’s most renowned lawyer. Alongside his many professional accolades, George also enjoyed collecting scientific and technological items; earning him recognition with their highest honor – The Wulbern Medical Science Award – given by University of Charleston during a major milestone of his life.

Professional Career

George Wulbern spent his professional career working for various companies. He began as a salesman for Wheeling Steel, where he gained an in-depth understanding of their products and operations. Additionally, he gained experience in other fields like manufacturing and retailing. Later, George co-founded Wulbern-Koval Company – an expansive office furniture and supply store.

He is survived by his father, George Arthur Wulbern III (Tripp), and mother Cecilia Marie Wulbern. Additionally, his younger brother Carsten Wulbern survives him as well. Please visit his memorial page to share your memories and condolences for George Arthur Wulbern IV. We have gathered all the important information about him so you can pay your last tribute in comfort.

Achievements and Honors

This Ponte Vedra Beach resident has been a leader in his community and earned Congressional awards for his volunteer efforts to aid refugee families with resettlement to Florida. He also received a bronze medal from the Congressional Award Program, which recognizes students for their volunteer public service accomplishments, personal growth and physical fitness levels. George has been involved with several organizations that assist refugees, such as World Relief and St. Johns County Parks. His accomplishments also include hundreds of hours spent as a varsity rower at Bolles School, participating in an expedition and camping trip, working the sound board for a band, and raising funds to construct 32 bat houses to control mosquitoes. Most importantly, he is immensely proud to be part of his family unit which includes his parents and brother.

Personal Life

On October 30, 2022, George Arthur Wulbern IV passed away at the age of 3 from complications caused by cancer. He was born in Charleston, South Carolina to parents George Arthur Wulbern III (Tripp) and Cecilia Marie Wulbern (CeCe). Survived by his parents, brother Carsten Wulbern, and many loving family members and friends, George will be deeply missed by his loved ones. Messages of condolence can be left on his memorial page to pay tribute to his memory.

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