George Carwardine

George Carwardine and the Anglepoise Lamp

The Anglepoise lamp is one of the greatest lighting designs ever created. It operates on a spring mechanism that provides freedom of movement and perfect balance.

George Carwardine, an engineer renowned for his expertise in vehicle suspension systems, invented the four-spring lamp and patent it in 1932.

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Professional Career

George Carwardine, the inventor of the Anglepoise lamp, was an acclaimed automotive engineer during his heyday. His fascination with spring mechanisms resulted in one of lighting history’s iconic designs.

The Anglepoise lamp has been around for more than fifty years and still shines brightly today. Crafted with a constant-tension spring inspired by human muscle fibres, the design allows light to move in sync with you while maintaining an even glow. Most impressively, its use of only fraction of energy compared to average light bulbs of same wattage was revolutionary back then – Herbert Terry & Sons from Redditch, England produced this iconic light source.

Achievements and Honors

The iconic Anglepoise lamp was created by George Carwardine in 1932. At that time, he was an acclaimed automotive engineer specializing in vehicle suspension systems.

He experimented with various devices, from slim parallelogram arm structures to heavy counterweights, before selecting the light bulb and spring combination that would become his iconic design. Manufactured in Redditch, England by Herbert Terry – famous for needles and fishing tackle – the Anglepoise not only had an innovative design, but one that could withstand the test of time. Nowadays it is still being produced by modern manufacturers using much of the original technology.

Personal Life

George Carwardine, the man behind one of the world’s iconic lighting designs, was an engineer specializing in car suspension systems. When his company went bankrupt, he set up a workshop in his garden at Bath and began crafting what would become his iconic creation.

In 1932, Herbert Terry & Sons in Redditch, England, filed for patent on their Anglepoise lamp. Utilizing four springs, this device provided unparalleled freedom of movement and perfect balance, mimicking the constant tension principle found in human limbs. For 50 years it was manufactured under this renowned design icon by Herbert Terry & Sons before becoming iconic symbol of British design success.

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