George Hawat

George Hawat – A Lifelong Westwood Resident

Georges Hawat, a lifelong resident of Westwood, was an exemplary person with a kind heart and compassion for those around him. He had an inquisitive mind and was always willing to lend a helping hand whenever possible.

He took great pleasure in his home and garden of Mediterranean fruits and vegetables, as well as driving his “Mighty 190” Mercedes Benz which he used for commuting, taking his family out, and teaching them how to drive.

Early Life and Education

Georges Hawat, born in Byblos, Lebanon and immigrating to Boston for a better life for himself and his family, worked hard his entire life and remained optimistic even during difficult moments.

His devotion to his family and friends was evident in his determination to ensure they were contented. His analytical mind, practical approach, and humble demeanor set an excellent example for all who crossed paths with him.

Hawat was an astute strategist and expert in war tactics and political maneuvering. He served House Atreides for three generations as both a trusted adviser and member of its cabinet.

Professional Career

No doubt, his lengthy career in technology wasn’t without its challenges, but it also brought him accolades, high-profile clients and an enviable reputation.

However, the most remarkable achievement was finding a way to increase efficiency at City Hall while still upholding public trust. After multiple high-profile IT errors, Georges devised an innovative system for handling and tracking all the city’s data needs. These solutions within the Department of Innovation and Technology (DoIT) would ultimately save millions in IT expenses, strengthening its already impressive image as an innovative hub of urbanism and tech culture.

Achievements and Honors

George Hawat was a master of many trades who achieved great success in multiple fields throughout his long career. He took great pride in his accomplishments and especially appreciated his dedication to serving his community.

He was an incredibly well-rounded individual, enjoying reading, traveling, playing sports, astronomy and music. Most importantly though, he treasured time spent with his family.

He was an honored member of Westwood High School’s Class of 1968 and received an honorary Doctorate of Science from Providence University in 2016. A true gentleman and great friend to all who crossed his path, he will be greatly missed. To honor his memory, Westwood School District has created the George Hawat Award for Academic Excellence in STEM fields (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math); to learn more visit its official website.

Personal Life

Georges was an exemplary human being; kind, selfless, and compassionate towards his family, friends, and community. He had a zest for life, was passionate about helping others, and always did what was right.

He had an inquisitive mind and logical approach to problem-solving. Additionally, he was fiercely loyal and dedicated to his family, fighting for them through illness with true courage and perseverance.

He worked for the City of Boston for over 35 years and achieved great success there. Additionally, he was a generous philanthropist, contributing to organizations such as the Parkman Club and other local charitable groups. Furthermore, he was an active member of Saint George Orthodox Church where he enjoyed attending services with his family.

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