George Heliotis

George Heliotis

George Heliotis often purchased residential property to renovate and resell. In 1980, he came across 20 Skyline Drive in Daly City for sale.

He conducted an inspection of the property and signed a real estate contract, yet failed to notice soil stability issues which others had noted nearby.

Early Life and Education

Once children reach school age, they absorb much information about themselves and the world from their parents. But for healthy development, children need to be active and socialize with others.

Children during this critical time in their lives acquire the abilities necessary for future success. They learn how to express their thoughts, feelings, and needs with others in a nurturing environment.

Investing in early childhood education is one of the best ways to ensure children’s development. Additionally, this community-level intervention improves health outcomes, boosts educational achievement and reduces crime, child abuse and welfare dependency rates.

Professional Career

Professional career is the term given to a job that necessitates specialized knowledge and training, as well as dedication and the desire to invest in one’s future.

George Heliotis is a Maintenance Manager at Property Professional, an engineering company located in the UK. This job requires 6 months of experience and pays around PS40,000 per annum.

Professional careers are a great way to progress in the corporate world. Not everyone is cut out for such a profession, but those willing to put in effort and gain an advantage will find rewarding rewards and opportunities along the way. A professional career may not be for everyone, but for those willing to put in effort, it could prove beneficial in increasing personal wealth.

Achievements and Honors

His accomplishments were numerous and varied. Aside from his medical degree, he launched an impressive business in the pharmaceutical industry that became one of the first in America to use trans-dermal drug delivery – a Swiss technique for delivering medications directly into your skin. Furthermore, he mastered compounding – making prescription medications from raw chemical components – becoming one of its pioneers.

His greatest accomplishment was his service to the Orthodox Church. He served on the esteemed Metropolis of Boston Philoptochos Board and earned an honorary doctorate from University of Massachusetts Amherst for his accomplishments in musicology. Additionally, he has received numerous awards for his charitable works, including being named one of America’s top five Greeks by American Hellenic Foundation for Culture & Art.

Personal Life

George, Andrew and Angelo Ballasiotes were raised in Aberdeen, Washington during a time when logging camps and sawmills provided significant wealth to the Greek population of the area. Their father Christos was well-known and esteemed by those within his community for his generosity.

He and his family led a simple lifestyle, yet he was frugal with money. Through savings, he was able to purchase the Seattle Cafe in Aberdeen with James Heliotis, which they ran together.

The Heliotis family’s cafe was a huge success, providing them with enough income to support themselves and their siblings. It became an iconic destination for people to meet, socialize and eat – especially during hard times like the Depression.

Heliotis often purchased residential property to repair and resell. He had already acquired several homes for this purpose when he inspected a house at 20 Skyline Drive in Daly City, California. Assuming it to be in good condition, he reached out to Harry and Bessie Schuman, its owners.

Net Worth

George Heliotis often purchased residential property to repair and resell. In late 1980, he noticed an uninhabited house at 20 Skyline Drive in Daly City and reached out to its owners about purchasing it. Although in need of repair, improvements would cost $20,000 to make. In November 1981, Heliotis signed a real estate contract with Harry and Bessie Schuman, handled by respondent attorney Leonard Berger. Escrow closed on the purchase in January 1981, and Heliotis moved into his new home shortly afterwards. He was stunned when a realtor friend of his revealed the soil beneath the property was unstable and homes adjacent had already been removed. If he had known about this underlying soil issue, he claims he would have withdrawn his offer immediately.

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