George Hittner

George Hittner

George Hittner is a lawyer specializing in business litigation, government-related matters and election law. Additionally, he has extensive experience with local politics.

He is currently the Senior Vice President for Legal Executive Search at Manhattan Resources, where he specializes in placing attorneys and other law firm executives throughout Texas.

Early Life and Education

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Professional Career

George Hittner is an experienced general counsel and attorney who marshals and supervises skilled legal teams to handle a range of tasks typically handled by corporate legal departments. Additionally, his litigation practice has yielded favorable resolutions in several cases before state supreme courts or U.S. courts of appeal.

He currently serves as president and managing shareholder of The Hittner Group, a firm that focuses on business, public policy and law. With his extensive legal, legislative and political background, he brings an invaluable perspective to this leadership position within the firm.

Before founding The Hittner Group, he served as general counsel, corporate secretary and senior vice president for governmental relations at Mesa, Arizona-based American Traffic Solutions Inc. His responsibilities included supervising more than 40 external law firms and 75 external consultants and lobbyists across numerous states, territories and Canadian provinces; expanding legal doctrines related to photo enforcement traffic safety law; successfully defending state and local programs against constitutional challenges; creating a legal database identifying all major red-light and speeding cases involving camera monitoring technology in America.

Achievements and Honors

George Hittner boasts an impressive background, which encompasses legal, legislative, political and corporate expertise. These experiences guide his leadership role at The Hittner Group today.

He was previously employed as General Counsel, Corporate Secretary and Senior Vice President for Governmental Relations at Tempe-based American Traffic Solutions Inc., the North American market leader in traffic photo enforcement safety equipment.

He helped shape legal doctrines in this industry, defending state and local programs against constitutional challenges, as well as helping defeat numerous improper municipal elections involving traffic cameras. Furthermore, he created a legal database identifying all major red-light and speeding cases in America involving camera monitoring technology.

He is also a Master Mason and in 2004 was awarded the Sam Houston Medal, the highest recognition from the Grand Lodge of Texas.

Personal Life

George Hittner is a highly-experienced attorney and general counsel with extensive legal, legislative, political and corporate expertise. He has successfully marshaled and supervised professional legal teams to take on tasks often handled by corporate legal departments; additionally, his management of hundreds of lawsuits has been recognized by state supreme courts and U.S. courts of appeal for their favorable resolutions.

He recently joined forces with Andy Taylor to form TaylorHittner Law Firm, which will specialize in business litigation, government relations and election law issues as well as handling employment and labor law cases.

Net Worth

George hittner is an accomplished lawyer and leader in the legal community. He earned both his undergraduate and law degrees from New York University, as well as being a veteran of the United States Army. His areas of specialization include commercial litigation and civil rights advocacy. At Linn Thurber & Associates in Houston, George serves on their board and serves as lecturer on law at several universities and colleges around America. With an estimated net worth of approximately $2 million dollars, his family includes three adult children and four grandchildren; plus he has received numerous awards in recognition of his professional accomplishments within the legal profession.

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