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George Hopper Net Worth

George Anderson Hopper was an American realist painter born on January 30th 1919 in Torrance, California.

He married Ramona Evans in December 1941 and they had a daughter named Kathryn.

Early Life and Education

Hopper was raised in Upper Nyack, New York as the son of a middle class family. As an impressionable child he sketched sketches of boats and political cartoons he found at the local port – sketches which would form the foundations of his artistic style.

As a teenager, he studied art at Nyack public high school and then the New York School of Art. His parents encouraged him to choose a career which would secure his future; therefore, he chose illustration as his field of study.

In 1942, when Pearl Harbor was attacked, Hopper decided to join the Navy. She served for 19 years on active duty under her nickname of “Amazing Grace.”

Professional Career

George Hopper enjoyed a renowned career as both painter and illustrator. He specialized in commercial illustration, but also pursued an intense interest in fine art.

He was heavily influenced by both American and French Impressionism, as well as the Ashcan School. His education in art was furthered through teachers such as William Merrittttt Chase and Robert Henri.

He displayed his artwork throughout New York State and also traveled abroad to paint picturesque views of France and Spain. Eventually, he returned home to teach art classes.

Achievements and Honors

Hopper was an iconic figure in computer science, being profiled twice on 60 Minutes: first in March 1983 and again on 24-August-1986. Her achievements earned her national recognition and admiration from those around her.

She served in the United States Navy and was an innovator in computer technology, including UNIVAC I and naval applications for COBOL (common-business-oriented language). An outspoken individual with a sense of humor, she often joked about her role in computing’s growth.

After her retirement from the Navy, she joined Digital Equipment Corporation as a senior consultant. She spoke about computer history and its influence on life, while working to make computer vendors’ systems more user-friendly. Even though she no longer served in the military, she often donned her full dress uniform for these lectures.

Personal Life

Hopper was raised in a middle-class family in Nyack, New York where his parents encouraged his artistic interests. From an early age they took him and his sister to theatre performances, concerts, cultural events, as well as visiting museums.

He began sketching boats and political cartoons during his childhood, eventually blossoming into an acclaimed artist. He drew many landscapes and seascapes as well as producing numerous sketches.

He also displayed his works in exhibitions throughout his career, earning himself a place as an artist renowned for his realistic style. This artistry allowed him to influence a new generation of photorealism and pop art creators.

Net Worth

George Hopper has amassed an impressive net worth through his career as a news reporter. He’s been co-host of Good Morning America for three decades, and according to Celebrity Net Worth estimates, has an estimated $40 million in the bank.

The news anchor and political commentator has also published a book, All Too Human. Along with his wife Ali Wentworth, they are parents to two daughters: Elliott and Harper. Together they attend events like the Oscars or their son’s birthday party in Malibu this week; earlier this year they were seen leaving Nobu Malibu with their son and girlfriend Leila George. Additionally, they support CORE, an non-profit organization which assists those in need.

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