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George Khalaf – An Arizona Insider

George Khalaf is the President of Data Orbital, a highly ranked survey research firm. His mission is to provide conservative candidates and organizations with the best data, messaging, and strategy in order to further their cause.

He is also a political consultant, having worked on numerous campaigns for local, state, and national offices. With an extensive grassroots and data background under his belt, he is passionate about advocating conservative policies that foster vibrant communities.

Early Life and Education

George Khalaf, born in Beirut, Lebanon, is an ardent political activist dedicated to furthering democracy and prosperity in his home country.

His personal faith and Lebanese heritage form the basis of his political work, which seeks to uphold our core values and constitutional rights.

He is the founder and executive director of Empatico, a free digital platform that brings children from around the world together to form relationships, foster empathy, and bring learning to life.

He has previously worked for Dalberg Global Development Advisors and Synergos as a Project Manager. He is passionate about empathy and the need to foster new human connections in the 21st century. Additionally, he wants to strengthen the Lebanese community both here in America and back home in Lebanon.

Professional Career

George is a data and political strategist who advocates for conservative clients and causes in Arizona and beyond. George believes that conservative policies create vibrant communities, so he strives to equip conservative candidates and organizations with the correct data, messaging, and strategy.

George has been active in the survey research industry for ten years, and is currently president of a top-ranked survey research firm. Growing up as a Lebanese American in Beirut, Lebanon, George understands the significance of upholding core values and Constitutional rights.

He is also the executive director of Empatico, a free digital platform that connects children around the world to foster relationships, build empathy and bring learning alive. With his vast experience running an expansive nonprofit organization, he will offer invaluable guidance to the Foundation’s grantmaking operations.

Achievements and Honors

George Khalaf, a senior at Coronado High School and student body president/debator, is proud of his accomplishments. He’s an inspirational leader who strives to live up to his words through responsibility and service.

Khalaf is not only an outstanding student in debates, but he’s also involved with the school’s Muslim student association and Student Council. Although he’s one of Coronado’s busiest students, he always finds time to make a difference within the community.

He’s a political strategist who has dedicated over 10 years of his efforts and resources to support conservative candidates and causes. He holds that conservatism is the best policy option for creating vibrant communities while upholding Constitutional rights.

Personal Life

George Khalaf is an entrepreneur and activist who uses his data expertise to advance conservative causes across Arizona and a growing number of other states. He believes that conservative policies create vibrant communities, so he strives to provide conservative candidates and organizations with the most accurate data, messaging and strategy possible.

He currently serves as President of Data Orbital and Managing Partner at The Resolute Group, where for more than a decade, he has used his political acumen, data expertise, and strategic relationships to further conservative clients and causes across Arizona and an increasing number of states.

He founded Empatico, an organization dedicated to connecting children across lines of difference through empathy-building initiatives. Additionally, he has spearheaded various social change initiatives both domestically and abroad – most recently leading Synergos’ Arab World Social Innovators program.

Net Worth

George Khalaf has an estimated net worth of $325-499K. His two homes in Maplewood and Normandy Beach, New Jersey as well as his vacation home and boat are valued at between $75-99K each. Additionally, he owns a vacation home in Florida and lives alone; therefore his assets and income combine to form his net worth. In the last 18 months alone, George made two insider transactions in MetLife Inc (MET).

Khalaf is a construction magnate who owns hotels across Dubai, Lebanon and London. His most renowned property is Monkey Island Hotel, acquired for $11 million in July 1999. Situated on its own private island within the Thames River, this 166-year-old establishment can only be accessed via footbridge or boat.

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