George Mainwaring

Cap George Mainwaring

Cap George was an outstanding student and leader. As a junior at Rosemount Senior High School, he participated in football, basketball, and sang for the Rosemount Choir.

In June this year, George was diagnosed with brain cancer and required several surgeries. Despite these obstacles, George hasn’t lost his smile or his desire to play football again.

Early Life and Education

George Mainwaring was born in 1885 to an alcoholic draper named Edmund Mainwaring and had an older brother, Barry Mainwaring, who worked as a traveling novelty toy salesman.

After graduating from a local grammar school, he earned a scholarship and moved to New York City for college. While in college, he joined Delta Alpha Psi and took part in the Army ROTC program.

He was promoted to First Lieutenant and served in the American Expeditionary Forces during World War I. During this period, he earned three decorations: Distinguished Service Cross, Croix de Guerre and Military Medal.

Professional Career

Captain George is a retired naval officer and flight leader who served as executive officer, commanding officer, commodore, and chief of staff. Throughout his 26-year military career he has overseen over 2,500 personnel and 70 tactical aircraft while earning numerous awards – including the Ralph Puckett Leadership Award in 2017.

As a consultant in Spencer Stuart’s Financial Services, Private Equity and Chief Financial Officer practices, George has experience working with large multinationals, mid-cap companies and emerging enterprises. He leads searches and succession projects for senior investment professionals, corporate executives and board directors alike.

Captain George, a former emergency room nurse, struggled to find balance in his life until he traded medicine for his United States Coast Guard master’s license to start a saltwater fishing business. Now the host of an award-winning television show that offers fishing instruction, nature conservation and education, Captain George shares his expertise through fishing instruction on television.

Achievements and Honors

George Galdorisi, an alumnus of both the University of Maryland and Merchant Marine Academy, has achieved some of the highest ranks in both academia and military aviation. As a naval aviator, he traveled around the globe, commandeered ships, and participated in some of naval aviation’s most significant technological breakthroughs throughout its long history.

George has earned a host of accolades, but none quite compare to earning the prestigious Gen. Carl A. Spaatz Award – an accomplishment achieved by only a fraction of the nearly 30,000 cadets in Civil Air Patrol. This award serves to motivate them and help them reach their full potential by requiring them to work through 16 specific achievements that cannot be replicated at home.

Personal Life

George and Charlotte took an intense interest in their many children. Additionally, they enjoyed spending a great deal of private time reading books and exploring music together.

They also created a network of women friends dedicated to the arts and literature, an effort which may have contributed to her husband’s decision to become bishop.

Jules and Yvonne may be correct in asserting that George’s art lacks life, yet they overlook the fact that he has dedicated his entire life to it.

George finds it strange to admit this, yet his art is more mechanical and methodical than it should be. He hasn’t adopted Sondheim’s aesthetic revolution or aesthetic defiance that Sondheim desired.

Net Worth

George Conrades is the former chairman and chief executive officer of Akamai technologies, with an estimated net worth of over $1.2 billion.

George serves as an independent director for Oracle Corp. and Ohio Wesleyan University, as well as Cyclerion Therapeutics, Inc.

He has also served on the boards of Harley-Davidson Inc. and Ironwood Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

He was the founder and owner of Transicil SA, a French IT consulting firm which he sold to Cap Gemini in 2003. Additionally, he owns Calivigny Island in the Caribbean with his wife Daniela Rajic; they have two children together.

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