George Mullins

George Mullins

George Mullins is a lawyer with extensive experience in energy and infrastructure law, representing independent power producers and developers, equity investors and project sponsors as well as financial institutions and governments.

He boasts a vast amount of expertise in financial transactions and is widely respected within the industry. Additionally, he was once recognized as an HERO.

Early Life and Education

George was born in 1881 in London, England to Frederick John and Sarah Mullins who resided at 32 Bedford Place in Greenwich Village, Surrey.

In addition to Fred, Frank, and Harry, the family had seven other children: Eliza, Nellie and Maude.

Following his father’s passing in 1903, George and his older siblings relocated to Burkeville, Texas where they remained for a few years.

In 1904, after completing his studies in medicine, George earned his license as a doctor and served his country during the South African War. Afterwards he returned to England and settled in Grahamstown where he practiced medicine until retirement. Additionally, George was involved with local politics as well as serving on the British Medical Association for that area.

Professional Career

George Mullins is a renowned Irish landscape painter. He showcased his artwork at the Society of Artists in Dublin between 1765 and 1769.

He is widely recognized for his contribution to Irish landscape painting during the 1750s, beginning his career in Waterford by painting trays and snuff boxes.

He eventually relocated to Dublin and displayed his artwork with the Society of Artists there. Additionally, he displayed at the Royal Academy in London between 1770 and 1775.

George Mullins is the only remaining child involved in racing. His job is undoubtedly one of the most important – his horse transport company ensures his brothers’ runners and those of other leading trainers arrive safely at Cheltenham every year.

Achievements and Honors

George Mullins has earned a multitude of accolades throughout his life, including being inducted into the UAB Board of Trustees and serving as president of the University Athletic Association.

He has received numerous scholarships, and holds honorary degrees from Rutgers University and the University of Kentucky.

CWRU instituted an athletic award in his honor, celebrating his long and illustrious service to the College’s athletic program. His tenure as coach, manager and assistant athletic director spanned 46 years.

He was twice a state champion in the 440 yard dash for high school, setting a North Carolina state record in the process. Additionally, he earned recognition from the American Heart Association as a fellow for his efforts to improve cardiovascular disease patients’ lives.

Personal Life

George Mullins had an illustrious personal life. As owner of his own horse transportation business, he ensured his brothers’ horses arrived at racecourses safely and without incident.

He and his wife Colleen had three children. Their daughter Sandra achieved great success as a professional flat racing jockey, winning the Rose of Tralee Ladies’ Race in 1982.

Their son Emmet also pursued professional riding. Since 2006, he has competed in several renowned races such as The Paparrazi Kid, Golden Silver, Sir Des Champs and Faugheen.

His other children weren’t interested in racing but were avid sports fans and enjoyed watching their favorite teams play. Additionally, they treasured spending time with family and friends, as well as supporting their local church.

Net Worth

The ambitious businessman had always dreamed of becoming a plumber since he was nine years old, often skipping school to help out a local plumber in Camden. Eventually, he built his own plumbing firm which he sold in 2021 for an estimated PS70 million profit.

George Mullins began his apprenticeship at 15 years old and completed it by 19 years old. He achieved great success as a plumber, running his own business in an affluent London district.

He served as a business advisor to David Cameron and George Osborne, and is an outspoken opponent of Brexit. Additionally, he was an ardent political donor, contributing more than PS22,735 in 2015 and over PS48,000 between July 2017 – both amounts exceeding his yearly allowance up until then.

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