George Renaudin

George Renaudin

Healthcare plays a significant role in your life, so it’s essential to choose the right health insurance plan. Thankfully, private sector competition has made Medicare Advantage one of the most cost-effective and high-value options available to seniors.

George Renaudin is President of Medicare at Humana Inc (NYSE: HUM). With 27 years in the health care industry, his expertise spans strategy, market operations and product development.

Professional Career

George Renaudin has 27 years in the healthcare industry, holding various leadership roles with increasing responsibility. Most recently he served as Senior Vice President and President, Medicare at Humana where his responsibilities included overseeing strategy and execution across market business operations, clinical operations, product strategy, sales & distribution as well as network & provider experience for five million Medicare Advantage and Supplement members.

His new role at Humana will include leading its rapidly expanding Medicaid business that serves more than one million members nationwide across Florida, Kentucky, Illinois and South Carolina – plus Ohio and Louisiana in 2023. Additionally, he’ll oversee customer service, health plan technology and transformation. With a bachelor’s degree from Tulane University and master’s in Public Policy from Pennsylvania State University under his belt, he brings extensive expertise to these positions.

Achievements and Honors

George Renaudin has been with Humana for 27 years, and is currently responsible for leading their Medicare and Medicaid business – which includes Individual Medicare Advantage, Group Medicare, Medicare Supplement and Individual Medicaid. In this role he oversees strategy, growth initiatives, operational excellence and profitability across these businesses.

He is a member of the Management Team which sets the company’s strategic direction, reporting to President and Chief Executive Officer Bruce Broussard. He holds a bachelor’s degree from Tulane University as well as an MS in Public Policy with an emphasis on Medicare and Health Care Policy from Pennsylvania State University. Furthermore, he was named a Crowe Scholar and Cum Laude graduate by Loyola University Law School – testament to his passion for learning and deep understanding of this industry.

Personal Life

Renaudin was an energetic individual who loved outdoor activities such as fishing, skiing and hiking. His interests also encompassed technology and innovation. After earning his undergraduate degree from Tulane University and master’s in public policy from Pennsylvania State University, he was appointed President of Medicare at Humana where his responsibilities included market business operations, clinical operations, product strategy development sales distribution network experience for over five million Medicare Advantage and Supplement members.

He passed away in December 2022 at the age of 42. His funeral service was held in Houston, Texas and his obituary was featured in The Houston Star-Telegram newspaper. Additionally, he was proud recipient of numerous awards.

Net Worth

George Renaudin has an estimated net worth of $691 thousand dollars. According to his Form 4 filing with the SEC, he owns 1,393 units of Humana Inc. stock and has made 1 trade since 2023; the most notable transaction being exercising 1,393 HUM shares on February 24th for over $677,444 – or around 1,393 units every 0 day since 2023.

Humana reported a net income of $2.8 billion for 2022, down 4.3% from its prior-year period but still producing revenue of nearly $93 billion for the year.

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