George Wise

George Wise

George Wise was the founding president of Tel Aviv University in Israel and passed away on December 17, 2017 at 81 years old.

He was an exemplary philanthropist and Zionist, building two major industrial firms. His contributions are commemorated at Tel Aviv University’s Wise Faculty of Life Sciences as well as Florence and George S. Wise Observatory, his wife’s observatory.

Early Life and Education

George Wise was born in North Augusta, South Carolina and was an devoted father and grandfather.

He was a friendly, helpful jack of all trades who never met a stranger. As a family man, his Christian faith was evident through his daily acts of kindness and deeds to serve others.

He lived a full and rewarding life, which included four years active duty in the Air Force and another four in the reserves. Additionally, he worked as an engineer who built old mainframe computers, as well as being a senior buyer for companies like Toro and Century Manufacturing.

Professional Career

George wise was a lifelong learner, with interests ranging from engineering to working as Senior Buyer for major blue chip companies. His success in business and personal life were testament to his work-life balance which included having an enviable work-life balance and close relationships with family. A special tradition among them is hosting Christmas dinner each year where everyone gets treated to something special. A dedicated philanthropist, George was known for his generosity of spirit and willingness to share jokes. One of his most precious possessions was an assortment of mementos from Denver during its youth.

Achievements and Honors

George Wise was an impressive man of many accomplishments. He excelled as an outstanding military man, public servant and lawyer – while still finding time for family.

He was the recipient of numerous prestigious awards throughout his life, including the Army Soldier’s Medal. This accolade recognized his dedication to upholding the highest standards of service to his country and upholding core values such as courage, discipline, respect for others, integrity and selfless commitment.

He is a world-renowned artist and the founder of the Wise Tree Foundation, with his exhibit Colors of the Wind on display at the National Smithsonian. Additionally, he has written numerous books that have been published worldwide.

Personal Life

George wise was an incredible father, grandfather and friend to his children Joy and Jayden. Together with his wife Sue, he formed the perfect family unit.

In addition to his family responsibilities, he was an active community leader and volunteer throughout his life. He belonged to several local organizations such as the Georgetown Kiwanis Club and North Lexington Church of Christ, among others.

He was a Korean War veteran, serving in the 1st Battalion, 7th Marine Corp during one of the most difficult battles during that conflict. Additionally, he practiced law and eventually served as Van Wert County Common Pleas Court Judge. Throughout his long career in public service, he earned a reputation for his quick wit and kind spirit.

Net Worth

Net worth is your total wealth minus debts, liabilities and other expenses. Even those with modest incomes can build a substantial net worth through smart investing and purchasing assets that increase in value over time.

George Lucas’ net worth is one of the most well-known examples. He achieved incredible success through both his business and philanthropic endeavors, becoming one of the richest movie producers ever. Additionally, George has signed the philanthropic “Giving Pledge,” which states that he plans to donate half his wealth to charity upon death or when retiring.

He recently sold his Star Wars franchise to Disney for an astounding $4 billion in cash and stock, increasing his net worth significantly since 2012. Furthermore, he has donated many millions of dollars towards causes like cancer research and Make-A-Wish foundation.

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