Gesine Bullock Prado Net Worth

Gesine Bullock Prado is a pastry chef, author, former lawyer and film executive. She is best known as Sandra Bullock’s sister; after leaving Hollywood she opened up her own bakery in Vermont; serving as pastry instructor both there as well as Sugar Glider Kitchen and King Arthur Flour Company.

Early Life and Education

Gesine Bullock Prado was born March 6, 1970 in Washington, DC. She is the sister of actress Sandra Bullock and is known for being a distinguished pastry chef, author, television host and baker.

As she studied law at both Virginia and Southwestern Law Schools, she became licensed attorney. However, baking was her true calling so she decided to leave legal practice behind and pursue baking full-time instead.

Gesine Confectionary opened its first bakery, Gesine Confectionary in Montpelier Vermont in 2004 and quickly garnered immense popularity for her delectable pastries. Since then, she has written several cookbooks and been featured in baking shows on Food Network – her expertise and engaging personality helped her to achieve great success and amass an impressive net worth – which is expected to only increase further with future projects.

Professional Career

Gesine Bullock Prado is an accomplished pastry chef, TV personality, author and attorney residing in Washington D.C. She owns her own bakery and serves as a baking instructor. Born March 6 1970 to John Wilson (United States Army employee and voice coach) and Helga Mathilde Meyer (an opera singer who performed at Staatstheater Nurnberg and Salzburg Festival while teaching voice at Mary Washington College) both parents were influential in shaping Bullock’s early development as an individual and as a professional voice coach/voice coach/voice coach respectively – they both played roles in her development as they provided both voice coaching roles – John Wilson served both John Wilson (United States Army employee and voice coach) was instrumental in this regard.

Bullock first gained international acclaim through her role in Speed. Since then, she has appeared in films like A Time to Kill, Hope Floats, and The Proposal as well as acting on Broadway and multiple TV series.

Bullock maintains an active social media presence with over 46.2k Instagram followers and co-owns Fortis Films production company with her husband Raymond Prado.

Achievement and Honors

Gesine Bullock, sister of Sandra Bullock, is an esteemed pastry chef and bakery school owner who has become famous for her culinary abilities and TV presence. A best-selling cookbook author and popular food show host (Baked in Vermont among them), Gesine has gained much renown as both pastry chef and bakery school owner.

She joined Fortis Films, owned and run by her sister, as president and lawyer in 1995 and contributed significantly to its creation of films including Gun Shy and Miss Congeniality 2: Armed and Fabulous.

She currently resides in Hartford, Vermont with her husband Raymond Prado and maintains an active social media presence through Instagram posts that connect with her audience and show off her baking and cooking abilities. She is widely-known personality with an ever-growing following on social media.

Personal Life

Gesine Bullock Prado is an accomplished pastry chef, baking instructor, bestselling cookbook author and TV host. Currently she hosts Food Network’s Baked in Vermont series as well as running her own baking school called Sugar Glider Kitchen with over 46.2k followers on Instagram!

Gesine graduated from both the University of Virginia and Southwestern Law School before joining her sister Sandra’s production company Fortis Films as President and Co-Producer on movies such as Gun Shy and Miss Congeniality 2: Armed and Fabulous.

Gesine Prado, wife of Story Board Artist Raymond Prado, lives in a 18th century farmhouse with their two dogs, three cats, a goose named Mama as well as ducks and chickens. Gesine never felt an affinity to Hollywood but rather prefers Vermont for its natural environment and abundance of outdoor pursuits.

Net Worth

Gesine Bullock-Prado is an accomplished pastry chef, author, educator and attorney as well as former film executive. She is the sister of actress Sandra Bullock and has played an active role in her films throughout their careers; in 1995 to 2004 she served as President of Fortis Films.

Gesine Bullock was raised traveling the world due to her opera singer mother Helga Meyer. John Wilson Bullock worked in the United States Army while Helga Meyer performed opera performances around the globe as her career continued. Due to these experiences, Gesine lived an adventurous childhood.

Gesine operates Gesine Confectionary bakery in Montpelier, Vermont and hosts the Food Network show Baked in Vermont as well as publishing several books. She teaches at Sugar Glider Kitchen as well as owning multiple homes across the country with an estimated net worth of over $1.5 Million.

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