Good Bones’ Karen Laine Weight Loss

Karen Laine – HGTV’s Good Bones Star

HGTV’s Good Bones show is a reality show that is based on home renovation. It revolves around the life of Karen Laine, a DIY guru who runs her own business. Despite her busy schedule, she still manages to enjoy her free time. She enjoys gardening, fishing, and kite flying. She also enjoys taking motorcycle rides.

The show Good Bones premiered on March 22, 2016. It was renewed for a fifth season in June 2020. It will also premiere its sixth season in June 2021. It will show new homes and homes renovated with new furniture and interiors.

According to the latest sources, Karen Laine is sick. However, she will continue to appear on the show. She will be officiating the wedding of her youngest child on November 7, 2020. She is married to Roger McCartney. The couple is also parents of a 3-year-old daughter named Helen.

She recently updated her health status on social media. She also posted a photo of herself getting her teeth cleaned. She also revealed that she is going to focus on do-it-yourself projects. She is also taking time to spend more time with her husband. She has posted pictures of herself with her son William Starsiak. She also shared that the procedure was not painful.

Karen Laine is not a big fan of talking about her weight. However, she did not gain the weight that she is now. She has lost weight in the past few seasons of the show. She credited the weight loss to the minimally invasive body sculpting procedure she underwent. This procedure is known as PRP micro-needling. The procedure involves drawing blood from the body and then micro-needling it into the skin. This procedure makes the skin tighter, which makes people look younger.

Karen Laine has three children from her first marriage to Casey Starsiak. She gave birth to Mina Starsiak with her first husband. She also has two other children from her second marriage with Randy. She and Randy have a daughter named Kelsy. Karen and Randy had a short relationship and separated. Karen Laine has two stepchildren: Tad Starsiak and Jess. She also has four biological children.

Karen Laine was a lawyer before she became a reality star. She had a lucrative legal career but decided to stop practicing law when Good Bones came along. She opened a home decor shop in Indianapolis, Indiana in the fall of 2020. She also sells handmade goods. She uses JFR high definition foundation and makes sure she is not eating unhealthy foods.

Karen Laine also has a tattoo on her back. It extends from her nape of the neck all the way to her back. She also has a large tattoo on her right arm. It is a koi fish. The tattoo is quite unexpected. It makes her look quite sexy, especially in the summer.

Karen Good Bones is a very busy person. She combines running a shop with taking care of her husband’s needs. She also enjoys gardening, mushroom hunting, and kite flying. She is also a fan of fishing and motorcycle riding. She has been using a cane in some episodes of the show. However, she is recovering from a previous injury.

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