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Adam Jack – The Man Behind Great Jacks Dog Treats

Great Jacks are soft dog treats crafted with irresistible flavors and nutrients that your pup is sure to love! Each small batch goes through a low temperature freeze-dry process that locks in their natural taste and nutrients for maximum goodness in an indulgent low calorie treat, perfect for training sessions, hiding puzzle toys or food toppers!

Vegan and suitable for dogs with food sensitivities, their flagship jerky boasts tomatoes and poblano peppers for bold flavors with savory undertones.

Early Life and Education

He was born in Crieff, Perthshire, Scotland and moved to America when he was 17. After clerking briefly he became engaged in purchasing and selling land while also operating several farming enterprises.

One of these enterprises involved dairy production in the Salinas Valley. He owned 14 dairies and dominated North Californian dairy farming. Unfortunately, similar to Franciscan Fathers he suffered from an excess supply of milk.

Jack found a solution by turning milk into cheese. He became known for marketing it under the name Monterey Jack and it remains popular today. Jack was known as an incredible man with a heart for people. As one of the leading community organizers he enabled many to understand each other better.

Personal Life

Adam has led finance, operations and innovation teams at companies of varying sizes-from start-up to global Fortune 10-from start to finish. His passion lies in developing people; creating great team culture is vital for success. Adam enjoys traveling, hiking and eating Jack’s sausage and egg biscuits!

Jack Gantos, known for his children and young adult books such as Hole in My Life, Joey Pigza Swallowed the Key, Dead End in Norvelt and Joey Pigza Loses Control which won him the Newbery Honor book award, lives in Mount Pleasant Pennsylvania with his wife and two children; mint chocolate chip is their favorite ice cream flavor and they relish reading murder mysteries as much as watching films with military themes; they even serve on the trustee council at United States Military Academy West Point!

Net Worth

Jack amassed numerous impressive victories on the PGA tour throughout his career, including back-to-back Masters titles. While his success began to slow down in the early 70s, it saw a tremendous resurgence towards the end of his life.

He is also an accomplished actor, having appeared in several popular shows and films. He is father to Sage Lavinia and Cypress Huston; their relationship started back in 2007 after which time they married their long-term girlfriend.

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