Gregory David Roberts Net Worth

Gregory David Roberts Net Worth – How Much Is Gregory David Roberts Worth?

Gregory David Roberts is an internationally acclaimed author and philosopher best known for his novel Shantaram. This tale follows an Australian bank robber/heroin addict as they escape prison to Bombay after having fled Australia prisons due to being charged with bank robbing.

Charlie Hunnam will portray Lin Ford in Apple TV+ series based on Roberts’ epic novel. The first image from the series shows Sons of Anarchy actor on the run in 1980s Bombay.

Early Life and Education

Gregory David Roberts was born in Melbourne, Australia in 1952 and after experiencing marital distress resorted to heroin for relief and crime to support it. Sentenced for armed robbery but managing to escape jail time through bail and then flee to Bombay where he established a free medical clinic for slum dwellers as well as fronting German rock bands while working as a counterfeiter, black market currency dealer, gunrunner for branches of South Bombay mafia.

Once captured again in Germany, he went off stimulants and served out his sentence, eventually turning to writing, publishing Shantaram, and founding a multimedia company upon his release. His message of taking personal responsibility, never giving up and living an inspiring life resonates with people worldwide.

Professional Career

Gregory David Roberts began using heroin and armed robbery after his marriage collapsed and custody of their daughter was lost, to support himself financially. After being caught, imprisoned, but eventually escaping Pentridge Prison (Australia’s most notorious “escape proof”) prison, then living as an outlaw for 10 years in Bombay where he established charity foundations for slum-dwellers; worked as counterfeiter/smuggler for branches of Mumbai mafia; as well as fighting guerrilla fighters from Mujahiddin Guerrilla Fighters.

His messages of taking responsibility, never giving up and accepting our shared humanity have touched millions worldwide. Now living off-grid in Jamaica where he spends much of his time fasting and working on reggae cum-techno music and art projects; while writing shorter works since publishing Shantaram.

Achievement and Honors

Gregarious David Roberts developed an addiction to heroin after his marriage ended and custody of his daughter was lost during the 1970s, and began using fake guns to rob building societies, becoming known in Australian newspapers as “Building Society Bandit”.

In 1980, he made headlines when he made an audacious prison escape in broad daylight and quickly became one of Australia’s most wanted fugitives. After time spent in New Zealand and Bombay as an outcast fugitive, he reinvented himself into an author, actor, and gangster in India.

Shantaram, his best-selling international bestseller about his adventures, was set for film adaptation featuring Johnny Depp. Furthermore, he was known as an esteemed philosopher, ethics consultant and public speaker with numerous accolades from top universities as well as being an accomplished musician and artist.

Personal Life

Gregory David Roberts keeps his personal life private, though he has been linked to various women in the past. At present, he remains unmarried and childless.

Roberts is best known as the author of Shantaram, an international bestseller which tells the tale of an Australian heroin addict who successfully escapes Pentridge Prison before flying back to Bombay on a fake passport in the 1980s. Reportedly inspired by events in her own life.

He is also the author of two nonfiction books: Love&Faith and The Spiritual Path, both featuring affirming messages about taking responsibility for one’s actions, living an enriching life and welcoming humanity as fellow humans. Now living in Jamaica where he runs his multimedia company.

Net Worth

Gregory David Roberts is an Australian writer and former bank-robbing heroin addict best known for his novel Shantaram. This work tells the odyssey of an addict who managed to flee prison, travels across Asia and reinvent himself into an important figure: physician, gangster and philanthropist all at the same time.

Roberts developed a heroin habit following the end of his academic career and separation from his spouse, which resulted in crimes like robbing building society branches with plastic weapons to fund it. Later he moved to Bombay where he set up a free medical clinic as well as working as counterfeiter/smuggler for mafia groups.

Charlie Hunnam has entered into negotiations to star alongside Alexander Siddig (Doran Martell in Game of Thrones) in an Apple TV+ series based on Shantaram, directed and written by himself. He will direct as well as co-write its screenplay.

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